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Podcast on ESPN radio. The ESPN draft analyst Louis Riddick. Now. You bring up the patriots. And I think one of the most hotly debated talked about drafts from last week was the New York Giants before you give me your take before you ask you about their draft. I wanna share a couple of things. I know the Dave Gettleman said that there were two teams he knows for a fact we're going to take the first round pick today took dangle Jones. And again, I don't know why that's relevant to the whole conversation. You should be taking a guy where you want. What you believe in? And in my mind, I can't find two teams because I think he's referring as most people would agree to the Denver Broncos in the Washington Redskins. The Washington Redskins were Dwayne Haskins team all along. And in fact, we had doing Haskins on this podcast last week, and my producer. Josh macrey, testified to this at the end of the podcast. When we're off camera talking or off line at said, hey, get ready. You're going to Washington. Josh did I not say that to him? You did. And we'll see he said we'll see the washer Redskins wanted twain Haskins. The Denver Broncos. We're not taking Daniel Jones in the first round. That was not the guy. They wanted at one point in time. Daniel Jones, intrigued them, and I can tell you this for curious about him. And then they shifted to go to drew lock. Drew lock was going to be the quarterback, and they didn't want to do that in the first round. And so it worked out as well as Denver could have. So now could Cincinnati at eleven been the sleeper team that get a nose for facts, taken lock could Carolina. Sure anything's possible. But I firmly believe that Daniel Jones would have been on the clock for the New York Giants at number seventeen. I believe actually that dangle Jones might have been on the clock for the New York Giants when they traded back. Up into the first round to go. Get de'andre Baker at ten point in time. I think that he would have been there at that spot. De'andre Baker number thirty. So I guess here's my question to you low for the giants general manager job. And I don't know if you thought about this. But I have. How different would their course of history over the last two years been had you been the GM. Yeah. Questions to answer. But in not a tough question. But when I don't know if I but let me let me put it this way. Let's put it this way. All the way back to the beginning. All right. I was one of the people who supported the fact that what they saw in saquon Barkley was ballot legitimate. Okay. And he was from a pure value standpoint. It's not the best player in the draft. Damn close to being best player drafts. Picking a number two. I didn't have a problem. I understand philosophically what they were trying to do. And I knew I knew how or should felt about him. I knew how that place about him. I knew how the leaks all about. I knew how people thought about sake. And I understood okay, if we take him. And we do that. He lied. Manny someone who need to just go up the team around him. Ghetto del healthy keep him. Happy offense align escort way. Good luck defense. We'll be able to continue to build this football team. But we're gonna have to dress quarterback at some point in time. And I I was okay with that. I was okay with that. Oh, L with someone who I thought. Okay. The relationship between him and the office in the coaching staff is going to be critical. So we critical that you lost her that that you connect with him that you understand him. He understands you whoever the head coach was going to because they never know what I when I interviewed there, you know, the head person. So like yet, obviously. So whoever that guy was going to be to make sure that was one of eight number one priority. Building a relationship with him. Because I know how this tomorrow expressed to me like. He wanted del wanted to be happy. He went out to the giant. He just wanted to find a way in order to have that relationship with. So I was one hundred percent behind that. Look. That's Lutely, right. That that's going to be critical. So what I have to say cord? Yeah, I understood it. I wouldn't have problem with it. I wanted to build up the line just like they tried to. Yeah. I would have what I wanted to sign. Odell till ten extension keeping in New York. Yeah. So I understood all of those types of things now heading into two thousand nineteen. What I wanted to keep winning Collins. Absolutely. I've sent his numbers times on our shows. You single positions. The guys who are facing players talk to the rest of the team guys who you know, when you're in the huddle when you're out of practice guys were getting calls from from the sideline or rather in the headset. Talking to team safety little linebacker quarterback center. I those guys calls guy I wanted to keep I wouldn't want to let him get out of there. I didn't I didn't necessarily like that. As far as quarterback is concerned. Yeah. I would have made it a priority to try and draft a quarterback. I just wouldn't have drafted this one. We'll be back with more.

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