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People to be diagnosed quickly and help find out where the virus is hiding in the community. But she says, it's not the entire answer. We cannot test our way out of this pandemic. Brown says Oregonians must continue to stay the course wearing facemasks, avoiding crowds and social distancing. As of today, Oregon has had 35,340 cases of covert 19 and 581 deaths. Nine of those deaths occurring today. Police are investigating a shooting at the downtown Portland Marriott Hotel and happen around one o'clock this morning. A man was hospitalized with serious injuries. Police have not released any information concerning a suspect. Well. The mayor Ted waiter, opposes further accounts to the important police bureau. There have been 600 shootings so far this year. Important double the number from last year. We are tells K to the nightly demonstrations need to end the morale couldn't be Lower there feeling very disrespected and they're burned out and burned out. Cops start to make really bad decisions as opposition in the general election is Farrah and her own. She says that if she is elected his mayor, she would give control of the police Bureau to Commissioner Joanne Hardisty and hardest. He wants to replace the police chief, and a new poll shows. An arrow is leading Wheeler. The pole from D H M Research shows I and our own, leading by 11% points. The pole was funded by the Port in Business Alliance and has a margin of error. Of four points. Police were searching for an arson suspect in connection to a fire at a park in Milwaukee last month. Police say the suspect was caught on video holding a fuel canister on Elk Rock island in the Willamette River. On the night of September. 9th Place robbery a 25 $100 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. On Wall Street. The Dow's down 241 points NASDAQ Down 135 B S and P. Down 33 from the clear financial studio, visit, clear dot com Today, maximize your portfolio with the best in the business know cost. No obligations. Meet Tim Claremont visit. Clear ft dot com. Today, it's the.

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