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It's funny i i you know i never talked and never i never had a conversation about that at all. we're talking race that it was an impressive race but not Before at any point but somebody told me with our surrounding kentucky keelan right. He said you keeneland and It it told me they really liked that worse. And can break in state and didn't run alabama been run particularly well churchill either but has really woken up in the two races new york and got a ninety nine buyer. Feels like a. You know it's one thing to get sort of exaggerated figures when you're running with the racetrack. Which down against the racetrack is extremely impressive. That's looking horse. I don't know where they go to data seventy imagined last gunfighter and i. It's funny how those things as well the worst of the training last gunfighter one light six or seven state races with a on before he ran second to a good worse. I don't remember exactly what maybe i don't remember. We ran second doors. Couldn't beat that they've steak But and i with with the track. Obviously it's so hard to judge the tracking changing and there was a lot of the sunday times. You know they've been a little faster different points the day. It seemed very slow for seventh and eighth races. So i was very slow. Vital biodiversity three talking about the numbers yesterday talking about the difficulties. He's had in general and making numbers for aquit with a lot of winter particularly this weekend but That's promising works. You know we'll see night Michael douglas talking about after the race. Miss off it's closer dave greg. They have to figure where they want to train them up towards like the peter pan sorcery say went off You know i guess. If you're around the peter pan eu you do that expense like running that an easier. Spotlight the mike lee. But i think there's times this is time you want to find out what you have so would surprise me. I don't have any chatter. Michael mentioned that well and Kind of a kind of a big day. In fact. A big yeah. I mean a big day for the dublin partner group because There was also the main breaker we should. We should bring up right hometown politics to sail the winstar from windstar for nikki. Thousand outdoors ran. Yeah i bet the second cheesy when winning race but what's worsening hometown. Hometown beat mandatory. Oh that's sunday or saturday sunday. That was right before that was before mystic knight. That's why that's why three Okay that makes sense Yeah yeah he got a figure like a ninety ninety one turn mile and he tried to churchill. You tried three-quarters then just got beat by first line last summer at saratoga at the beginning of the meat thanks you go. Yeah yeah that. Were sitting on a fast race. I think of it these these. These are tricky days but none. That was probably okay I know yeah renovated grace. I didn't realize that was michael. Did michael off the winter. Was that day before or not january. Yes that was the the actress. Four four wins on saturday. Every one of them taking the big punch in the last lash seventy two four to five to one right rita one to two to one with the one in the fifth. I mean her four excellent meeting. I'm not being that. I would losy four to five. And the state has one eight one five one Yeah and gold rail art. Everyone's results i. i got a mention. I'm hoping that one. That was not gold rail. That was Storm advisory that was but You mentioned i. Br brought this up yesterday. mentioned sadie lady and winning the correction and of course was part of the cross country. And i'm hoping to get The player from new orleans to guys partnered up on a two hundred and forty dollars ticket they singled sadie lady and they scored two hundred eight thousand fifty four each about that i love you. I assume you well no i was knocked out with meals. A knee hosts. I i yes i. I didn't think he was impossible. But i tried to. I tried to tip toe a little bit through there. So it no no no was it turkey sequenced to say it was. It really was and then that the tape. The one that the one that a little bit We'll talk might as well fold in some oaklawn as well from the weekend That mile and a half race the temperance hill carlos just hung in hung in and would not get passed. I thought I thought i was home. And that was the last leg of a of a middle. Pick four and that horse. Forget the name lock Something walk thought he was going right on by and forty seven to one win that race before or after it. I know i was very young. Check are the winter with a good friends people. And i'm hoping we're captain today. But we'll get rene douglas. We'll try to get rene tomorrow. I mentioned what were your thoughts. Let's let's talk about some of the oakland results. I really haven't dug into this much Look like that silver state for asmussen Kind of announced himself a little bit in that essex win my gut researcher radar superstar really..

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