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You could tell when you're starting now club your hands year five times go go go go well in after juror in on your figures 45000 you will play the times that equals approximately two hundred fifty thousand that's a lot of people there is no stadiums hold two hundred fifty thousand people some two hundred fifty thousand people are louder nine hundred thousand people we thought about this point being that day eugene oregon not that allowed not that allowed operative late he's a luhn all right he's a hammering luhn i love it i want them at the top of college football not fourth not seventh i want to sit on top of the entire structure i'm glad they're good laws you i've missed mike lee that our final nominee here is jake rooted in billy really feels strongly about this don't you get remote essentially this is jesse confused j grude enlisting off all the injuries washington add after monday night football i rob kelly as an ankle sprain he did not return josh norman has a rib fracture we'll get that evaluated later leverett how to hamstring nicholson has ac joint william federate niece for her on these sprain on my show which was a number on muscle i got a couple of hours and hours everybody's broken also we didn't have a bruce art this way i was another team can you imagine if you lost as many players and other sports as you do it football people aren't i are like really good players just gone for like six eight weeks full season and we just keep moving i don't know whether israeli join the right left leg be weird we showed up to our studio here in bruce one of our sound guys was juice out with an ecj nicholson has ac joint a opec the first one that has no water wole isn't going to pay for itself down to the day's to by dollarshaveclub upgrade to shaving with.

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