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Of resisted putting it on my list first because of that but i think that it is so extremely cinematic in terms of the the way that it grew and he composer from the beginning i feel like it would lend itself rather nicely a few other one also you know again full disclosure were all friends of antony johnston we all loved antony johnston you as a sure goal on just leave a line right here on this very never let's give him and i'm going to come as a movie doesn't mean he he needs to move all right yeah these are friends on the movie is you know i have a a mutual love of of some of some fantasy movies from the eighties dar chris told being one of them that influenced comic of his that is very much its own thing it is not past a should is not antony just doing his version of one of these properties and it is a book called a fantasy book with a weird creepy things that go bump in the night it is really exceptional i wish added gone beyond two volumes to this point he's not opposed to continuing it he has a lot more story to tell and loved it so more story i would love for him to be able to tell that more story by seeing it get optioned for a a really cool really awesome fantasy fantasy film series because there there is there's so much material there other really great current indy comic so another image book they'll that's what the james bond speier we're going is asian what if the secretary what if missed money penny we're really the radically most competent spy in the building and something went amiss and she had to solve everything to fix everything but it is some of the best work that edgar baker steve that thing and elizabeth bright wiser of done together and those three have worked on legendary issues of captain america so that's saying something fantastic spy series that i i i hope it's already in development somewhere.

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