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The sports edge, stay at nine o'clock. And of course, Eddie, we'll be talking baseball. Make sure you get the latest what's going on in spring training from Ed Randall. And as always I invite you check out my website at ask coach wolf dot com. You can follow me on Twitter at ask coach wolf as well. Right now, I'm talking with my colleague Bob de Golo on the state of sports parenting, very wide ranging conversation because baba this for a long time. And you're trying to forget what we're making any real progress in terms of trying to help people by say we'd been doing it too long. About that. But certainly. My wife has been a Saint when it gets to be a Saturday night. We're out somewhere at a party, whatever it has got gotta go home to bed because I do I show the next day so close the door my office here. I do want to talk to you about the whole issue of concussions. Now, we both know that concussions have been front and center as a huge concern. Obviously for parents. What did they want their kid to decide if they're gonna play tackle football? I also have concerns which I wanna talk to you about as well baba about about the other sports the other contact sports like soccer and ice hockey and baseball people don't understand the concussions take place in those sports as well. But you know, the the whole history of concussions. You mentioned to me during the break that our our colleague Doug Abrahams law professor at university of Missouri that he made the net the forefront instead of ringing the bell back concussions. Part. You're putting I'm pardon my. Yes. Yup. No, he was I remember, Doug. I started distributing those article probably about twenty years ago in the late nineties. Yeah. In those articles from from the from the first time he started doing it. They work as he sort of lump them all together the head ringing in the head. Banging gosh that sort of thing. So he was Doug was really leading the charge twenty years ago. And then as I told you off off the air here that Eric Lindros the great hockey player wires right decided to retire because the doctor told him his next concussion might be his last. Bill from there. I think it was an NHL thing. And then eventually it was the NFL and football. And all that other almost other sports that started joining, but as I said there there has been no bigger issue. Maybe in the whole sports world. At least from the injury side. No doubt the last twenty years ago. I remember some years ago. Chris Nowinski had had had published a book or a self published. But chris. I know crystal little he probably played football his harbor. He was a wrestler. Right. He was a Harvard. Probably fifteen years ago, I'm gonna guess right? He was. Wineman at Harvard and so concussions and he played in college. The world wide wrestling federation, right and that for a little while. But right, Harvard or something. Do. When he wrestled I actually met, Chris and Bob Cantu. Who was the? Yes. Doctor up this way, right function where I spoke, and they spoke so little that's they were they probably started. And then the legacy institute from the U Boston University was all like fifteen years ago. This started to really percolate and the skiing. Dr Cantu, were very outspoken about the fact that this is an issue that has to be paid attention to. Of course, you both know the NFL is sort of slow to pick up on this for obvious reasons for now it has. So the first immediate question. Did any sports parent ask if their kid wants to play football is okay? Let's talk about tackle football. And Dr Cantu, actually came on my show and said, you know, I would advocate that nobody plays tackle football into their at least four year fourteen. Yeah. And he said, obviously with the brain being developed. They also said the real problem is that the neck muscles aren't developed enough. Support the head and the neck is going to the brain's going to settle the heads are gonna flip flop back and forth because you're wearing a helmet. A small piece of gear heavy so your head is walking around with the helmet audit, which is ads the way to the head. And you know, people I get lots of press releases as I'm sure you do about the fact that. There's a new breakthrough concussions and football or the helmets. The fact is all these doctors say you can't prevent concussions. Doesn't matter. What kind of how much you have concussions still gonna take place? It's as simple as that Rick's twenty years ago. I had a conversation with a big time high school football coach in Texas, as you well know, they take their football fairly seriously down there and very good guy. I don't remember how I got to on how we got to me. And he was telling me and this had nothing to do with. He was saying kids do not need to play tackle football until freshman year as long as they are running around being athletic playing soccer playing this playing that. We'll take them freshman year. They'll be fine. Yeah. I tell you one of the biggest myths the tackle football player. And I know you'll probably get calls about this. Because a lot of people are into you football. And they they have programs. You don't need to play tackle football from kindergarten to eighth grade to be a better football player when you're in high school. There's a because of the late blooming sport kids grow later. I couldn't agree with you more. I know I didn't play tackle football until I was a freshman. I played flag football, and that's become very popular or you ran around. I mean, it's just it's it's a sport. It's a sport of mass and speed. And as I've said for years, go find me a ten year old massive speedy kid. Aren't speedy and the speedy ones aren't massive. There's a quarterback. You may be familiar with up in New England named Tom Brady. I've heard about the player he didn't. He didn't start playing tackle football until he was fourteen. I met his dad. His dad told me he played San Mateo freshman team. They were always eight. Yes. He was drafted one ninety nine. Yes fixed. Route don't ever let anybody tell you. The patriots accorded all they deal with this kid was going to be. One ninety nine late bloomer. I'm tony. Well, let me then the I mentioned a minute ago. So Bob, we're talking with Bob dayglo this morning talking about the other sports that parents feel oh it's much safer to play soccer. Now, I I can't I didn't play soccer as a kid, but I watch my kids play soccer right through high school, and you go to a high school soccer match these days, if you're not familiar with it. You'll be amazed and a little bit terrified how much physical contact takes place. Nobody players and so few referees. Well, you can't catch everything that and the fact that the action in front of the net a corner kick and the kids are trying to jump up the head the ball into the net bang ahead against one of your opponent. Banging your head against someone else's head. Or you're banging your head against the ball. It might be travelling at forty or fifty miles an hour. And I just use me if you're going to be heading Maza, we're helmet out there because you people don't see. Think that way I mean, I the soccer people have gotten an on the girls side and their next in their heads in the development stage is different than the boys. I think the soccer people are listening and trying to do something. And now you've got the crosses of the world. And you always got the hockey, and they had to be padded. But as you well know, sometimes the helmet. And this is what the NHL worried about how many years ago, thirty one. They wouldn't help it became mandatory the NHL. Yes. That people were the guys can start using the spears, which is by the way, what they worried about a football. How many years going to sixty seventy eighty years ago, but rugby is one of those sports where you can get concussions, but they don't wear helmets, and they sort of learned to tackle differently because you're not gonna spirit guy with an head. And I'm glad to hear that. Of course, like New Jersey state of New Jersey just passed a law, which is going to limit the amount of contact at high school football and all the other states are going to go the they're all gonna follow suit. And of course, as you said people studying how rugby players tackle such a way that they don't have as much a preponderance of concussions. We know the hockey players today all the kids were helmets. Although tell lacrosse I was talking to my daughters. Both have played lacrosse in high school about worrying a helmet play lacrosse, and they said, no, no, no. That that won't that would just basically make things worse because girls don't do they wear helmets. Now, they didn't at one point some your daughter's late high school across the they wear helmets. No. And now, I believe it's optional. But most of the girls who play lacrosse don't wanna do it because they feel it leads to more contact helmet. Yeah. So hey, Bob. I gotta tell you. Obviously as I said a few minutes ago, we could talk about these things you and me for hours for hours because we're so passionate about this morning. We could talk about one o'clock. Unfortunately, he'd advertisers. Yes. Exactly. And I I have to unfortunately, wrap up the show. I know you continue to a lot of speaking around the country. People can go to your website. I assume Bob Bob hyphen, Bigalow dot com, or you could always Email me all the there's so much more began around the you'll find me. Really interested. For sure and listen, my friend. Thank you again for taking time. And there's always a pleasure to chat with you. And we'll talk to you. Well know, Rick. I wish we could do this every month. Terrific. Thanks, bob. I'll talk to you soon. Hi rik. Thanks again to Bob Bigelow, obviously as as passionate about sports parenting is IM. And of course, as you heard. He has lots of insights as well. Hey, we're gonna take a quick break..

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