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Thirty five minutes atlanta lately lancaster desk pennsylvania lancaster deaths as south carolina so ever i shut out this was bees for that are on the other end of the of the intelligence spectrum we got b o b m you know cocaine zillow's route and i don't know if that's what he on but he's he's somehow come up with the idea that slaying ships against canada's didn't exist i may has he ever been to dismiss only at i would imagine not at this point i would i would print at i think is a fairly save guest to say no i mean you know it a good to get to a point where you know intellect mccombs i mean it go to a point away because i mean does the ita's sound dumb saggy is not enough to say eta here now lives out of their reconstructed another i only want to be walk normal you know we call it of sleeping because you know we definitely woke on the package as you know like damning we've really just want to go to sleep and not give becker poor while you know give that to woke me so you made a term your whole race of people would just teleported over here right yeah we clearly reported over here now only swam how can sy black people case we integrase where linda because we gasol tad back sixteen nineteen we swam the jamestown may you know he had muslim four lifetime or to i mean what would who wouldn't want to acknowledge i mean you know at the end of the day wants you acknowledge overplayed this show is your own strove in for him to say entered downplay some of that magnitude man is me.

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