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Msnbc is reporting a letter to speaker pelosi vice president pence says he will not invoke the twenty fifth amendment. They quote pence's saying i do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interest of our nation or consistent with our constitution. Meantime the new york times reports. Gop leader mitch. Mcconnell has told associates he believes president trump committed impeachable offenses and that he is pleased. The democrats are moving to impeach him believing it will make it easier to purge him from the party. Jim brewster will be sworn. In as a state senator today and he goes over counting ballots in allegany county. The us district court for western. Pennsylvania ruled on tuesday that disputed votes in these states forty fifth senatorial district should be counted. Republicans lost challenges in state and federal courts to democrat boosters narrow victory in november but on january fifth senate republicans blocked brewster from taking the oath of office insisting on another federal court ruling. The gop wanted to toss out twenty three hundred mail in ballots that lacked a written date on the outer envelope but had been received on time. Mark steer who had see pennsylvania budget and policy center says the court ruled the federal claims of boosters opponent. Nicole zuccarelli failed on their merits. There's no federal issue that would stop counting those ballots. Which means that. Senator brewster's been reelected and that he should take a see. I'm envious sears. Reporting at a statewide task force. Appointed by governor. Roy cooper has released a sweeping set of recommendations aimed at ending racism in the criminal. Justice system. black north carolinians are nearly six times as likely to be incarcerated as white residents twice as likely to be pulled over for a traffic stop and also more likely to be jailed before trial. Don blake grove of the group emancipate. Nc says the police response to last week's insurrection. At the us capitol underscores how black and brown people often are treated differently by law enforcement and the courts and the start difference that was put on display is precisely wise. We need our legislators to take seriously the concerns that black around all over. This country have raised about the district treatment. The north carolina association of sheriff's recently released its own report on law enforcement professionalism. It calls for changes to officer education requirements training and certification. The report opposes many of the task force recommendations including removing school resource officers creating citizen review boards and allowing public access to officers disciplinary records. I'm nadia ramleh. Gone this is. Ns it maybe a step toward economic recovery but it is not a bridge in ohio based public policy. Group says it welcomes cove in relief package. But it's hardly enough policy matters. Ohio held an online forum yesterday. Tell ohioans better understand the benefits of the nine hundred billion dollar measure. They include the direct stimulus payment. That nearly seventy percent of eligible americans already received also extends federal unemployment programs and reinstates a supplemental benefit until late july research directors act schiller notes at three hundred dollars a week. It's half the amount the cares act provided we got hundreds of thousands of lost jobs in the state. And what's more. It's not a good time to be going out and trying to find a job. There's a pandemic out there so we need a lot more aid and we're gonna need it fast. This bill is really just a down payment. The incoming biden administration says passing a new relief. Package is an immediate priority. Mary sherman reporting. This story was produced in association with media. And the public interest in funded in part by the george gund foundation colorado's community hill sitters or c. h. Sees as they're called are shifting gears to deliver covid nineteen vaccines that after the governor. There jared polish called on these safety net providers to deliver twenty percent of the state's vaccine supply for people ages. Seventy at older polly anderson with the colorado community. Health network says are uniquely positioned to serve some of the state's most at risk populations including hispanic latino and black communities. They're also more likely to have multiple. Chronic conditions as a result of living conditions adequate diet and other stressors and so health centers are really key to reaching deep into our state to ensure that those folks aren't left out of vaccination efforts anderson says she's hopeful that chs's will be eligible tap funding from the latest relief. Package passed by congress. I'm eric gelinas. Finally are eric ticket off tells us with a new slate of legislators and new governor in lleida conservation groups want to ensure protecting public lands is a top priority. The montana conservation voters has launched the montana pushback campaign to keep people informed whenever environmental issues are on the docket in the capital executive director. Whitney tony says the pandemic is changing the way montana's and groups engage on legislative issues adding that conservation isn't a controversial issue in the treasure. State all of these elected victories across the political spectrum. Pledge to support and defend kinder's outward which means were. Greg make sure that they live up to their promises because of covid. Nineteen people are able to participate in his session remotely via video the legislative session their last through april. The montana pushback campaign will be sharing updates on his website. This is by clifford. Four with new service member listener supported or some of the nation's most interesting radio stations and always online at public new service dot. Org it is. You'll native twitter from the heartland newsfeed weather center today. Mostly sunny skies during the morning hours becoming mostly cloudy in the afternoon. Southwest winds between ten fifteen miles per hour high around fifty tonight mostly cloudy skies in the evening hours clearing overnight. Though in the low to mid thirties there are partly sunny skies during the morning hours thursday. They to becoming mostly cloudy in the afternoon. There's a thirty percent chance of south west wind starting off ten to fifteen miles per hour with gusts as high as twenty five miles per hour in the afternoon high in the mid to upper forties. That's the latest weather checkouts. More news and weather on our website at heart and newsfeed dot com. As we'll we'll have a freddie dodge ready dodge discovery channel gold rush. He has been off on discovery plus and in the third hour. We'll be joined by. John ashton patty duke. Son sean astin. This is john ash. Don't remember his name. Probably but unless you're into character actors do you know who frank is But definitely from beverly hills cop as he was tagger so We'll talk to taggart as well. He has a new movie. Doesn't appreciate being cold. Probably but one eight hundred eight seven eight play to get in big shout out to our brave men and women listening on the american forces radio network wherever you might happen to be. 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