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The ones breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen i'm greg rice on tend to wins news time one out to face supreme court as agreed to hear the case involving president trump's ban on travel for people in six moslem a mostly muslim countries and the high court as lifted part of the lower courts stay corresponded kate shaw has more what the court did today we say those bears personally del into effect for individuals who had no connection to the united states for people have a bonafide connection to the united states have family members theor they've been admitted to a university if you if you have a job or a job offer with an american company that's a connection to the united states and you can't be banned by this order president trump calls today's action a clear victory for national security the court won't hear the case until the fall on his final day of the current session the court left in place a lower court ruling that upheld san diego's strict limits on issuing permits for carrying concealed weapons it also ruled for samesex couples in arkansas who complained that birth certificate the law they're discriminated against them and the and the court agreed to take up the case of a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for samesex couples saying it went against his religion justice anthony kennedy did not clear the air of all the speculation that he may retire kennedy turns eighty one next month of course he still could announce his retirement at any time but it seemed like the the day of the current session ending might be the appropriate time wins news time one o4 of violent home invasion robbery put a woman in the hospital last night police say the thirty one year old victim was stabbed multiple times in a report on avenue be in the east village she told police.

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