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What I'm saying I might. Yes and never told you. Leave all the time and of to-you that very good chance brother my eagle and let me tell him that somebody created a Mi Michael. W that ego and you know we all have won some worse than others but until you able to be to be able to live with yourself within yourself and when when you start to care for others I mean again when people see me. Put it this way when Mike or my little cage. When I'm sure say they were little. They sold boxing films of videos of me and everything. And they call Me Papa. So they look at me fighting then look at me and said that's not the same guy because I was so ferocious I was determined in that ring but also I'm I am who I am. You know I'm not. I'm not aggressive. Non-confrontational year Unless you're mess with my family but You know my kid trying to make your kids stronger and better and this and that. But you know they had at walk their own plank. That walked on road. Yeah so being a father is a beautiful thing absolutely being a father to me. The big challenge to the challenge a challenge stuff look at my first time the theme. I thought well see me. I don't like I'm GONNA kill it. I'M GONNA fucking kill it though. I wanted to do my film what he did to me but maybe handle it better than I do. I doubt it maybe whom I am. Not God the thing with like with me. Be trying to be a father a better father than I was last year I was ten years ago. Five years ago. It's it is challenging especially now because you know what the social media I mean the technology and these kids are all kids are able to learn more see more experienced more and And I try to instill but then again. I'm not as firm as my wife. My wife has lot stronger than I am. Because she she'll say something and she means it out kind of you know Daniel it's It's three o'clock in the morning should be sleep. She'd no but he's I've got great kids. I'm knocking great kids I just WanNa be better just want to be better and I. I criticize myself because I'm not a better father than the other guy the other guy rightfully. I can't do that I shouldn't do. I notice this is interesting. I kid but they're not GONNA go places. We can never go enough the future. That's Eagle one nine while I keep wanting to be like me thinking about until they look at it himself in the mirror thing that needs to Beth and everything thing that everyone wants something and he's got. Why would I won't have a megalomaniac like me? I want him to be like that. Then be who he is. But it's my either. I want to control. We want to control their vitro. Yes security I'm forgetting might've eight my name security. I had a limited life re. What does this might be gain. You might be holding them back. He might be afraid to say because who my father might be in my hurt himself. I get I get you know. Do a bill you saw. I am even if you don't like why am I had to be to be who I am pretty much know. That's why I love my kids so much. Even though when they do ridiculous things you still have a love them but they know I'm I'm not an easy father. The fuck wit. I miss a hard guy when it comes to. I miss my kids. You know. We'll see they tell me that my kids tell me stuff because they know not that. I'm not that aggressive. I'm not that tough. I don't look that tough and I you know I don't come to me. And but then again they also understand the fact that I give them benefit of the doubt. I'm I'm not too. I'm not firm. Maybe I should be but this is who I. Am You know Mike? This is Hawaiian. Can you believe how far we've come? Cd Hey Listen. This is so amazing. Cbd I will leave once gone and fifty thousand years and I believe we'll be made out of CB DNA DNA. Yup I agree. I think it's it's amazing what we have access to now. We don't have to go and take all these pills. It's with grand kids have access to. Yeah no doubt it's amazing science health. It's come so far. I agree I think in you know we might be have. Cbd IN OUR DNA. That's what I believe is well. It's amazing and I.

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Mike, Daniel, CBD discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

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