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I'm Mark Robins. What a terrific Sunday. It was the NFL bunch of great games. Important gates with dramatic finishes like in Pittsburgh Steelers. Trying to hold off Tom Brady and the patriots. At the Pittsburgh twenty one trial the Steelers seventeen to twenty seconds to go 'but hasn't beat New England since twenty eleven. Waiting in the gun takes the staff Brady looking Brady throwing towards the end. Bit. Sean davis. Marquess? Here has a call on ESPN radio seventeen. Pence Steelers snapped a three-game losing streak now in I by half game in the AFC north over the ravens Baltimore beat faith wanting to twelve the bears camp. So the NFC north first time hits twenty ten if beating Green Bay. Four seventeen Washington for the last play field goal over Jacksonville Seventy-seven. The Redskins have strong playoff possibility. The eagles with Nick foles at quarterback go to LA and knock up the Rams thirty twenty three college basketball top twenty five team play on Sunday number nine Michigan state route three bay by twenty one and number twenty four Houston now Peduto after getting by Saint Louis, sixty eight sixty four in the NBA, Ben Simmons with a triple double. The Sixers beat the Denver beach Dorado ninety five eighty six Pacers over the next Washington beat the Lakers by forty points at fourteen assist guard. John wall. Coming up Monday. We'll break down Jared Goff in the Rams versus Nick foles in the eagle and only a couple of weeks left is the NFC race any clear plus who won the weekend going on Monday, six eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN two. I last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. I had my faith tested a couple of weeks ago. I had my faith.

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