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I really line full of what I E so like. I was just thinking today. What like I look at like. I am crave and I get kicked like like I get on these things like snap peas right now as like my jam in the fridge. I have a bag of snap peas and unlike snacking on and then I'll go okay. Let's this nappies or I foot onion and everything for two weeks straight. Cut that onion bag or it's really not about what to cut out of your diet as much as it is about what to add in because diet is about loss right so if we That's always said to us because it's it's loss so instead of thinking about what I should meet. I always think about what I haven't been. Eating goes back to raising cattle. The way we do which is grass-fed Grasp. Finished mob grazing and grazing. You always win. There is a situation with any livestock. You always have to look at what if they've been eating. What is their nutritional profile right? So each pasture on the farm. We move our cattle right now. Which is the beginning of the high season three times a day and we moved into each pasture where you might look at it and think. Oh it's the same grasp but it's not the same glass. It has a different amount of water. A different amount of sunshine. It has a different Periods of the day where it gets more sunshine than another pasture and it's different straight to different type of grass that were growing in each pasture. And this is how you create a wellness imbalance in organic livestock. Will I win when I got sick? This all went to my own mind. I was like well wait a minute. I need to be grazing better. I need to graze from a big variety of foods. And that's how you stay well right. So that's what's so interesting about even the mentality of a diet. I was just thinking when you were talking like everyone and you know with gut health. Big Conversation is usually. Oh we'll just get on a probiotic but like how would one probiotic actually work for multiple types of people because we're also different internally it first of all doesn't anymore and they know that and and now I mean I'm not against probiotics at all like I say. Take it do you but for me. I did not. I did not ever take probiotics. He'll ration- with Fermented foods and eating a variety of foods to feed it. So you've got prebiotics foods and the probiotic in the gut bacteria that's a good homie is the probiotic and then it lives off of this variety of prebiotics food. So the other thing if people do is they'll go ahead and they'll take a probiotic but they're not they're not seeding even those bacterias so you have to live a really big point of you. You GotTa have a big lights out. Look at what you're eating. Yeah let's talk a little bit too about gut issues and emotional health because you talk a lot about this in your book and I thought that was so fascinating. How the two are actually linked. Can you kind of explain that? So gut health first of all Serotonin is created in the gut. Your Vegas nerve. Which is the main nerve that connects the gut in the brain That your travels through that nerves The whole the whole way that we're looking at depression even schizophrenia. Right now in the scientists are studying this big time new disorders All of the things that we innings. -iety I need a huge in. I can tell before a new this level of science and had really dove into that I could tell you that when I my inflammation in my intestines comes back which it is a dance you said earlier how do I live. I take care of myself like when I've been working. I just finished a two week work grind in these three days. Today's Wednesday right. I'm just Kinda struggling because I get this extreme fatigue in my body because I have Hashi motives were mature rightous Technically Crohn's disease CEAC answer Isis. So I live this dance of like did I sleep. Did I drink too much wine? Did I like what? How did I throw myself off in? You might just plain exhausted so I can tell when my gut goes down and I don't feel well I feel stomach ache or I feel sort of bloated mind goes down. And if I get Gluten D- I'm like an emotional wreck two days after I feel that too. Yes and just. It's just the way that it works if I don't see a well my mind isn't well so the whole gut brain science In connection this is just the beginning. I mean we are really going into on charter territories. That again are liberating because there are all kinds of really fantastic studies that are now studying depression and people with manic depression and bipolar. And they're studying their gut microbiome and their bacteria's and they're finding that a lot of people the majority and these studies have imbalances in their microbiome and they have high levels of particular bacteria in common and when they bring that bacteria back into balance their emotional wellness comes into balance. There was a wonderful study done. That showed the families that have inherited depression inherited depression. And they're finding that maybe what's inherited is the microbial again. Why I get so excited. Any it's liberating because you're right now. We're living in a time where it's what can we do for ourselves is finally on the table? Like how do I become a better person emotionally and physically and what is my part in in in Saudi? Why do it how and now? There's all kinds of science to up the house. Yeah I'm just glad. The conversation is moving so rapidly. Because it's it's frustrating me for years that we don't or haven't felt like our society connects. How sick we are with what we're putting in our bodies and what we're putting in our food and all of these things that we do on a daily which don't even think about you know it's just like this thing that we do and we're not conscious of how that actually affects the way that our system works. I mean we've only been eating from a from a like a gluttonous sort of pleasure place for very short period of time in yesterday the majority of people on this planet didn't have access to food the way that we do in the last fifty years so food is changing But it's empowering to me you know I like I have two girls. My daughters have watched me find my way back to wellness and remain in wellness. In a once you get well you gotta stay there rights and so they watched the dance and I just know that you know God forbid if anything happens to me like happened. July mother I've they've they've witnessed a great mirror how to take care of themselves. What would be I mean because you break down all of this in the book. The book is called my Pinewood Kitchen. If you guys are interested in finding out more details about the bacteria's we're talking about and the different ways different foods that can heal and balanced your system but if there is there one thing that you could say that people could do or they can make a change our or our bodies just too diverse to put it in one. Nearly I mean we you can easily make a change. You can start to get to know your body. I think I won patriots. You what are you eating without judgment it is? We're so judged. Were so judgy of ourselves in our food. We're so critical of what we're eating and what we're feeding ourselves. What we're feeding our kids. What did we have yesterday so one? What did you eat? What is your excess then identified? Then start paying attention to how you feel after you eat certain things your body is there to talk to you. It's a living being. You know we're just inside of this living beach so and then the next thing is you know Pay attention to the main things. Spit that you're eating and how you feel so a lot of people in a Lotta Chacin a letter restaurant tours go. Oh these people are on this gluten kick and they're getting off of it and it's a fad ch and my thing is no people just want to feel better so if they're starting with gluten great. I. I'm Really Act. But if you WANNA come into my restaurant and you WANNA order gluten-free power to you because I'm trying to support you to figure out why don't feel that will do. I think gluten free is for everybody absolutely not do I think. Dairy free is for everybody. No I think you get to figure it out and if you can digest you know that you can but the best thing you can do is you can add more plants to your diet and if you have weak digestion. Cook them. I don't necessarily that eating raw vegetables. All Day is good for anyone. I think that warm cooked foods are great. I think that smoothies are a great place to start. If you WANNA bring your kids on board. But I don't even think about kids I think about you. I think about just do you and starts to form a relationship with what you're eating and mindful with it and the more plants you can fold into your gut literally the better. The Gut is going to be. And then you know your sugar. I mean sugar wears us out. It's just again. It goes back to the first place to start is mindful. And then once you get that. Mindfulness I almost feel like all these opportunities for you to discover a past year on wellness are going to open up for you. Yeah I love that I'm gonNA linked description I'm sorry I'm GonNa Linked the book my pinewood kitchen in the description of this podcast. I can't wait to start cooking the recipes. We had tomato soup fringy episode house the other night like everyone was fighting over the last bowl. It's so good and I saw that. It's a recipe in the books. I'm so excited. Good tomato soup. I don't even remember what we we had wings. We had fried chicken and we had What do we have some Coleslaw baked beans? I mean it was so good potato salad full southern L. It was amazing That makes me so happy. Hey what are you gonNa so you delivered on a Friday? So what with this corona virus stuff happening? What does that look like for your Pinewood Business? We are so blessed. I thought when a corona virus hit that I was going to have to close because I rely on people coming an hour each way right and I thought okay we have to close and we closed for a weekend and then I thought okay we can stay open so I'm partners with one of my other partners. In tying would Ryan Chapman were also partners in another business called? Integrative Life Center on music row and that's an eating disorder depression and chemical dependency program. That's a whole person program and so I do the food service for I'll see and that really saved us and then the next thing that happened is re run. I run a cannon kitchen and my goal was just to not let the twenty people that work for us on the farm and in the restaurant be at work. I just was like. How do I keep these will employed and so between running a fulltime canning business and then The Integrative Life Center and then we opened up for pickup takeout deliver in national Friday Saturday Sunday. Franklin Brentwood fairview all over the city. And now it's changing again. We're doing these farm boxes and boxes of produce and beef and pork and eggs and cake and chicken and biscuits and jam and so what's happening is pinewood is really finding its way into national and the Greater Nashville area. And I haven't had to lay one person off. In fact kitchen is now running seven days a week and I'm desperately in need to find more cooks in one house. That's amazing especially I mean it's everything and I think it's I just. I love the energy that you put out the energy. You get back percents. Yeah I agree. Where can people you talked about the Pinewood boxes? Where could they find that kind of stuff they can go to pine wood kitchen in Mercantile Dot com and says pickup for pickup? There's a little button right in the center and you click on it and.

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