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Lancaster sheriff's deputies responded to reports of gunfire and apartment complex a west Avenue J. fifteen at Lancaster when they arrived they found the young victim our Lancaster sure station received a call about a a gunshot victim they responded to the location the effect which at this time is only being identified as a female juvenile was transported to a local hospital and she was pronounced dead at the hospital spokesperson deputy John Warren telling can X. it's definitely a homicide not a suicide detectives say they are looking for the girls eighteen year old brother as a person of interest in the case but have not determined if he is a suspect as LA county supervisors have decided to scrap a one point seven billion dollar contract to replace the aging men's central jail downtown they got to this place because the current contract does not accommodate the direction in which the board is moving supervisor Hilda so lease and doesn't really favor or give credence to our new approach which is Kerr first jail last Wallace study found that fifty six percent of county jail inmates with serious mental health needs may be eligible for diversion into community based services sure if Alex being a waiver said that version alone cannot be applied as a solution to every individual in the criminal justice system earlier the board decided that men's central jail should be replaced with a mental health treatment center in a way the said not building that treatment center would force his departments to continue housing mental health inmates in antiquated facilities not designed to serve those vulnerable populations in downtown LA Margaret Carrero can extend seventy news radio in a way to call the boards actually responsible he says it would leave in may to have mental health problems without the appropriate treatment required by law this woman Maxine waters as we can do better when it comes to ending the homeless crisis the Los Angeles area Congress woman stopped by KNX in death she introduced a bill called the ending homelessness active twenty nineteen it's a thirteen billion dollar bill we have people who work in every day making minimum wages and the rents and the cost of housing is such that they cannot afford to rent a decent place to live many from the bill would go towards things like housing subsidies and services for those with mental health or substance abuse issues we also have problems in many of our cities where the bureaucracy is such that it's hard for developers to get licenses and permits and I want to see that speeded up Wednesday waters shares this special hearing of the house financial services committee at the California African American museum LA mayor Eric Garcetti is also slated to be there Emily Valdez KNX ten seventy newsradio apply this the mother says her son school allowed him to be bullied until he suffered brain damage men for Vincent only if someone cared that hurts because I that's all I have this.

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