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It's tighter you there are you there. He's not there. No no but i. We should just do that throughout the course of the rest of the show. We had a glitch. Then says the glitch though we did. We fixed the glitch But we had a little bit of a glimpse to click to kick off the second hour. let's get into a little raji. Rationale shall we. It's time to dive into the mlb futures market with none. Other than chris runge fans have may not have heard of you. Don't know much about ryan pitch. What kind of pitcher are you right. Handed a weird guy. Probably been on a plane where you don't have penis on that particular day they're not handing out because somebody on the plane has a severe allergy is really does know is baseball and obviously this team is not where you want to be this season in your thank thank now. I'm i'm pretty sure it's the rationale of ronji on you better. You bet i love that. Who was that that you were interviewing chris. That said you're obviously not where you want to be. That is former white. Sox pitching coach. Don cooper a native love. He's got that That new york attitude. Which i actually i kind of liked quite a bit while. Yeah i love it. I love the reaction where he's like We're not where you're not exactly where you wanna be while you think. Yeah we saw. It was part of the pre-game show. We did an interview. Every game pre-game every game and some days. He was in a good mood some days. He was read ask coupe and That was one of those red. Ask coop days well. that's great. that's awesome. I love that all right. let's get into a little raunchy rationale. Let's start with the american league Who is gonna win the al pennant when you look at Not rivers right now. The markets are houston your favorite and plus two twenty five white sox right behind him Plus two sixty the yankees are now third on the list of plus four hundred the razor plus four hundred the red sox plus twelve hundred and the as our sit right now at eighteen to one chris when let's a little round g rationale when you take a look at the al pennant and futures market. What's your thoughts..

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