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I guess in general take a bad job that they probably shouldn't have cuz it wasn't the right scenario to take that job and it's going well and then I seen High School coaches get their football program closed or I've seen college coaches get you know, they they had problems. So the administration was fatter and the NFL they couldn't get a quarterback. I mean, there's a lot of stuff you can't control see if you're Robert solid. You're in a good position. Don't leave a good position for a bad one. Only leave a good position for another good job, and I would be very careful. If I was Robert Saleh considering leaving the San Francisco 49ers. I want to talk about Washington. as I as I look at the Washington football team this year one thing stands out to me is that you know, Alex Smith is absolutely kind of the perfect quarterback for their head coach Ron Rivera home. He's not very flashy but he's safe and he's consistent and I trust him and Ron Rivera knowing how he will kind of quarterback who would want how Ron R does quarterback math. He's a defensive-minded coach. He wants to take care of the football. He wants a good veteran leader. I think Alex Smith is likely the guy in Washington for another year or two after this year where I just don't think washing the quarterback yet. People are going to say are they going to draft a guy they're going to get this Alex Smith is great. He's kind of he's playing very very well. He's rallied the team. They like him they respect him. He takes care of the ball. He allows our events of a very very well and I think part of why I mean Washington right now is on a three-game winning streak reason why is because they don't make mistakes. They play very very clean football. If you beat them. You gotta beat them. They're not going to beat themselves and part of that is Alex. He sets the tempo is the towing. He's the veteran leader and if I look around the NFL and go hm What quarterback do I trust to not make decisions do not make huge mistakes? Right? If I like what I take Alex Smith or Jared Goff. I take Alex Smith when I take Alex Smith or Kirk Cousins. If I if I need a guy and I'm saying my one situation is I don't want the guy to make a big mistake that will make a big interception or this or that the guy I trust to not screw up is Alex Smith over Baker Mayfield Kirk Cousins John Jared Goff Carson Wentz. I mean, there's Philip Rivers..

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