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Though Charlie was getting a lot of good work and musicals he wanted to get into comedy. His First Comedy Act was in the show Jim directed by Harry Saints. Bury the show was not very successful but Charlie was praised by many for his distinguished performance. By this time Charlie had abandoned his education and had become a full-time entertainer. Charlie. Then acted in the Sherlock Holmes show in front of live audiences in nationwide tours. He performed his role. So brilliantly that he was called to London to perform the same role alongside William Gillette, the original Sherlock Holmes Sydney Charlie's half brother was also working fulltime and comedy sketches by the time he helped Charlie and getting some prominent comedy roles. Reviewers called Charlie. One of the greatest pantomime artists they had ever seen after a series of successful comedy shows on Stage Charlie entered the movie industry in Nineteen Fourteen and signed a deal with keystone studio. He worked with several big film studios throughout his career. Charlie always wanted to have full control and freedom over his films in their distribution. He was also concerned about the quality the big studios we're lacking. So he formed his own distribution company in partnership with three other artists. This distribution company was called United Artists? First marriage. Before the company was founded Charlie married an actress named Mildred Harris who claimed she was pregnant with his child. So they got married very quietly and the pregnancy turned out to be fake Charlie had married mildred only because he thought she was pregnant when he found out, she wasn't actually pregnant. He became quite unhappy with the marriage. He actually became a father on seventh July nineteen nineteen but his son was born deformed and died three days later finally, Charlie ended the marriage in the year nineteen twenty citing irreconcilable differences. The Kid. Deriving from this traumatic experience and his own childhood. Memories Charlie filmed his new movie this movie The kid in which he played the role of a foster father of an abandoned young boy became a hit immediately it was one of the first films that combined the nuances of comedy and drama. There are many instances when the movie touches, Your Heart for instance, Charlie doesn't have a job. So to make the money needed for survival, the boy breaks, window glasses of strangers. Then Charlie who casually comes along repairs, these glasses and charges money for it. This scene makes you cry by displaying how cruel poverty can be at the same time. It makes you laugh because of the comedy that comes along with it. Several similar scenes throughout the movie make you laugh and cry at the same time the movie Charlie wanted to be remembered for. After a string of successful films under his own Banner Charlie. Decided that his next film should be epic. He started writing the gold rush which was inspired by the Donner Party. It was an elaborate film and the production cost was about one million dollars at that time. The gold rush was filmed for about fifteen months. It went on to become one of the highest grossing films of its time at the time of its Release Charlie? Chaplin. said that it was the film he wanted to be remembered for..

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