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Well it's their number and the way you go troubles down the drain i'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show thaddeus mccotter my colleague wjr the great voice of the great lakes and were with lee smith whose new article in the tablet looks at the media and its dance with intelligence community actors one of whom is christopher steel but there are other voices that have piped up over these last months in the rush agape mr clamor who is dni mr brennan who was dci for the obama administration now we come to those who are reluctant to go along with taking handouts uh lee you mentioned masha gessen at the new yorker uh giuliani off at the atlantic and then particularly because he's a guess on my program all the time steve cohen in the nation you also mentioned lieres at the london review of bush and most importantly glenn ren glenn greenwald at the intercept they have not taken the handouts what are they see what are they make of russia gately well okla mentioned uh andrew mccarthy narrative yes national review in one of the points that i that i tried to make their is that again this is this is not really a last right saying it's not democrats versus republican the people who are seeing russia gay for what it is like the different people uh uh a you mentioned glenn greenwald jackson lieres uh steven cohen muster guess yes these are people mostly on the left and they are correct to look at this and they say what the heck is going on here journalist are teaming up with robe uh sectors of the intelligence community to wage an information campaign no i think they're exactly right and this is what andy mccarthy sees as well um what we're talking about is we're talking about i wouldn't even say there in the middle i would say different publication that continue to push the this it's not like they're in the middle bear part of the problem their part of the operation and i wanna make it clear uh i wanna make it clear this is certainly i'm not uh attacking our intelligence community i'm not in tacking are launch our federal law enforcement authorities god bless them and thank them for the important work they do and i think that they must be a paul themselves to see.

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