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Mark Williams on talkradio six eighty WCBS. And now more the path show on talkradio six eighty WCBS and worldwide at wcbMcom folks, pop half year, I am honored to have Dr Dan log in here with me. Dan comes to us, by way of Morocco. Just learned all this about them. Morocco. And then Montreal and then Texas, and you've been in the DC area a lot of people refer to it as what the DMV DNV for about nineteen years you or a new father right Benjamin is what did you some almost almost three months old almost I remember the days of counting that so we're lucky to have Dr with us, Dan. So as we look at these goals eighty three percent of folks have no goals. Fourteen percent have goals in mind. They're not written down. Whatever you want our listeners to know. I mean, we could talk about I would say to you. Why do people fail and setting their goals? But if if on out there, and I'm listening to you, and I'm frustrated with what are you want people to know about goal setting? Do we break down that we we try to tackle too much? Dan, why why do people fail or don't do anything at all when it comes to goal setter? We'll tackle this cushion. I I'd like to thank you for having me on the show. We have history with Bob. He he he was actually one of the first guest panelist on my TV show in two thousand sixteen actually June fifth. And he was able to share his expertise in communication. So now, I'm honored to be here as I show in two thousand nine hundred seventy. So to go back to your question. A lot of people are just afraid to write down their goals because they know. -ccomplish accomplished. To overwhelming for them. So they want to indirectly or subconsciously. They wanna forget what schools because they're too afraid to accomplish. Because we're talking about accountability. So if I've written around on this sheet of paper damn, and I'm gonna stare at it on my refrigerator there on my Twitter. Or whatever it is. Then I'm sort of measuring my success by that I'm reminded by. But if they just sort of file it away in my head. You know, you you you leave yourself. Legroom to be able to forget about what you need to accomplish. So a lot of people are kind of like the feel more at ease knowing that their goal is looking at them in there is that's true. That's true. It said accountability. Yeah. Wow. Wow. So most people seems to me. Put this out there to you, folks. Most people really are unsuccessful mean the majority of people really accomplishing and then they abandon them. I guess right. They start in like losing weight. Let's talk about losing exercise number one year and gym memberships and treadmills are on sale. Seen the ads and then by March it when the weather gets warmer, and then we're not going to do this so much. Yeah. I mean, I'm a fitness trainer. Nineteen ninety two. And so I've seen it all and a lot of people are going to lose thirty forty pounds. Yeah. Hurry. This is something unrealistic. Is that realistic? I mean, the the healthy average is Iran wanted to pounds over the week. Okay. Now. Doesn't sound like a lot of people. And so therefore, I'm not going to do it. Then they do nothing. Yes. Exactly. And let's face it. I mean, one pound equals thirty five hundred calories. So look at it this way, if you reduce five hundred calories per day, you lose one pound a week, and that's not doing any exercise. So this pretty easy to that one pound because you bring up a good point a lot of people think and I want to wait myself. And I think we can talk about the psychology behind a lot of these things. But. And what was I going with this for a lot? It's really about the diet not the exercise because you can exercise your ass off and consume too many calories. More than you're you're gonna gain. What comes in? And what goes out what comes in and what goes up? Exactly, okay. So as part of what you do if I'm sitting down with you because I know you do coaching. Would you sit down with me and go over my diet, my meal plan the first thing, I would do okay meal plan? And then we'll see exactly your frequency of Jimmy tendons. Okay. Only are weaken warrior, isn't it? You don't get to see any results you're going to the gym like one hour on Saturday the forgettable results. But if you are consistent in which a lot of people are not not that I saw the gym. When I when I went on January second. The gym was packed. And. Off everything from thanks much. You're gonna start seeing like tumbleweed at the gym in the desert. The big problem. So you wanna be if? And you are going to focus on your goal. Your immediate goal. But here's the thing. We're going to run out of time on this with great topic that I you so much for being here. I you also have to be. So if you're my coach, you're my coach, we've got to be realistic. So on the guy that comes to you and says Dr Dan, I hate the gym. And I gotta tell you, Dan. I hated him. Okay. Don't we have to work around that? We we have to make me do something that I don't want to do that. I don't like to do. I'm probably not going to be successful doing it. Dan, isn't that fair as long as the goal is important to you? Bob love they leave. It's not going to do it. No, not at all. So as long as it's important, then you'll be able to start seeing results and for you. If you if you hate going to the gym, you could do this at home, folks, we gotta break right here. We'll be right back with Dr Dan. You're listening to the Bom paths show. Give us a call. And we're talking about goal setting. We'll be right back. Are you looking for ways to increase your sales? Motivate your team improve your relationships have become a more effective persuasive and passionate speaker tired of doing the same old things and expecting a different result..

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