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See a lot of shows based in boston you know maybe you in a home run with this clause twenty years ago yeah there were a few tv series spencer good night beantown that that filmed in boston but now the u u turn a street corner and you're seeing a seen being shot in the honda boston near where you go over and over and over again our major movies major directors clint eastwood his shot a couple of movies i just want a couple of movies as a director in boston we know about johnny depp of black mass when he did an excellent job i'm not a johnny depp fit i really am not but he did a great job as widely bolger in black mass oh who's phenomenal and didn't make your home sick when youths saw the very always charge you know and it on the flip side of it when they get it wrong or when they're trying to portray of boston accent you pick right up on and so that kind of ruins it a little bit form you but whenever they go back and start shooting scene there for shows movies or whatever it uh it it does meet me homesick because it it's i tell you living in la if it's great the weather's gree um it's it's the hollywood lifestyle larry uh there's no place like boston uh i've said that the foreign and i i just uh that everything from the people to just the trees the city the i mean everything is just so much better than anywhere else in the.

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