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Story. We talked about at seventy two years. Old How great share look. Oh my gosh. Her is insane her but so insane Ellen Aster about her but and in sixteen years. I'm not sure I've ever seen that happen. Share her. Can I tell people how old you are. Yeah can you believe she's seventy two years old the work out a lot you do every day not every day but a lot of times. Okay I need to ask ask because we were tired here. See me doing a plank with the Harry Smith. No well it was good. He quit before I did. How long can you do a plank for well I I once I did five minutes but I'll never do that again? Wow but I could do it for two two minutes with sweat yet. Michelle Obama Obama wants to challenge because we did pushups and she's now like she said plank is her thing. I think she could do it for five minutes. You should challenge Michelle weight the because we were watching in rehearsal and we were talking about your ass and I need to know what you do. We want to know. So your butt exercises. Well I have a number of them like like okay. Okay so this is sounds so dumb because when I say the first thing I know you're GonNa do something really not. Yes you are. Well try you so you get done. I'll force.

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