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To the business and crafters chromatic it's getting easier positive categories Yahoo, like maybe death montage, right? You know, that was something the death of that's what you want. Yeah. So a little bit of news before we get into the other topics stripped says, now on Spotify, they added us to Spotify this last week, so that's great. So if you'd like to listen to Spotify, do we take Alex Jones spot? Is that what happened? Like they took them all sort of got rid of one. The l. he goes out, we go in per fail when our Spotify, have you like to listen to us on Spotify? That's great. You can leave a review for us there or stars or whatever the ratings are there, because that helps people find the show and also some updates on the Austin film festival. So that happens at the end of October, starts October twenty fifth and goes through the weekend. So in addition to our live show and a three page challenge, Craig judging the pitch finals, and I'm now hosting a career panel with Tess Morris. To Hobson Nicole Permian and Jason Fuchs on Friday, the twenty six at three fifty. That is a great lineup. Those are four, my favorite people in the world that's going to be spectacular. Yeah, I got to hand pick my people and man. I, it's gonna be great, fun handle, nailed it. Nailed it. So come see us an Austin if you're not already planning to come come and I can. I don't want to spoil it, but everybody who comes out and film festival, we'll get special piece of swag that they will enjoy including me. Do I get this? You get smacked you. Everyone gets one. I'm Oprah in this. Everyone gets and get a is a car. It's not a car. But we are shipping these business wag to Austin tomorrow. So you'll be there in time, holy to wait. You're shipping your pre shipping swag ahead of time. We're preaching swag ahead of time. Oh, my mind is working overtime. Do not tell me what it is I wanna be. I wanna be surprised with everybody. I won't express. Even if you did tell me, I would forget. So I would be surprised again would be amazing. We've put a follow here. Do you wanna take this letter from Chris? FU sec? Yeah, sure. Christmas rights. I am a longtime listener of the podcast and screenwriting procrastinator, extraordinaire. I have just contacted chevelle as bookstore about a personalized copy and thought, maybe I would write you a quick Email as well, personalized copy of what let's find out. We recently just welcomed our own Arlo into the world and just wanted to thank you for all that you do for the writing community as well as the creation of Arlo Finch. I think they're talking about you John a decisive inspiration in naming our new baby Arlo Li-fu sec. What an amazing thing. How about that? This is Xtra are low in the world's Chris Senate a little photo of a newborn baby. All babies are cute. Cute baby along with other babies. I hunted. There have could be plenty of Arlos being born independent of our Finch. I feel like the name that's gonna be on the rise, who has a good throwback quality, but I'm excited to have helped name one baby out there in the world. And Arlo to me seems like it could. Could go to gender-neutral. Yeah. Like I don't know if our Lee is girl because both of those names are gender, neutral? They are. So I look at this. I do know that this one is a boy because in little photo that was sent through the little things are low in Boyce differ on the the hospital card. But like Arlo you could name a girl out. Baby has a beard. That's the other giveaway to full beard. Yeah. Well, and that said like the full nude baby panther, I guess. No, not this time. Good. You know what? I'm glad they didn't do that. That's not appropriate. No. So anyway, that's nice attention. It's great another follow up back in our conflict of interest episode. We talked about how the j..

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