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Former Arizona governor and Mackey Gatos political insider Jan brewer is on the show we got a bunch of stuff talk to her about today that's for sure yesterday we talked about an ex mountain point coach right here in the valley he was an assistant coach on the football team. he sorry he he deserves booze this this guy not drinks in terms of booze already dizzy yes this talking blues with the he deserves much scorn and booze as you just pointed out thank you because it was found out there for two years he was sending to other coaches on other teams you know a week or so before the big game he was sending the opposing team's coach's place I our reports how to beat his own team and we kind of scratch their heads it yesterday and said why would anybody do this and why would you do it for two years. we think we now have an answer well I mean I thought he was gambling that's what I said yesterday I also thought he was putting kids in danger because if the other team knows the place they can hone in on that one kid Nick a pile up on him but. it seems that the I called it okay the email account allegedly run by this guy Hager rights and I quote many of the coaches will be leaving after this higher should have hired within nine months so he was an assistant coach so what he's saying is well they hired somebody else nobody likes it they should have hired me me me so glad I got that right yesterday in. in order for him to get the I guess the next head coaching job yeah why not sabotage the head coach and I'll be elevated to head coach and I'll have a winning season every I'll be fine yeah okay I mean it only made sense to me just because why would you do this right unless you are so consumed with what the heck I shoulda got that job I'll make him look bad and I'll get that I want to unlock the guy ahead down and take the job yeah so you did get a right I still think he was gambling though and that has been proven yet but he just a lowlife so I'm. there was a kid who is interviewed okay and he was a football player he was easy family had it. any interview the kid and they also read some of the emails we amount point they'll try to shut down your two best players that's just a snippet of one of the emails coaching Justin Hager sent to more than ten coaches across the valley over three football season they will run speed and when Anna spread the the quarterback can throw this see their name put out there here's the kid they see.

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