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KCBS plenty of sunshine today. We're going to see some showers tomorrow. Fill in all the blanks in the forecast in just a few minutes. I'm Geoff bell. I'm potty rising. Here's what's happening trumpets administration plans to cancel nine hundred twenty nine million dollars in federal funds for California's beleaguered high-speed rail project, and is demanding the return of an additional two point five billion dollars. The state has already spent the transportation department's today came after threats from President Donald Trump to make California pay back the money that was awarded to build a train between Los Angeles and San Francisco, which is face cost overruns in years of delays. Governor Newsom recently suggested the project would be shortened to a segment in the central valley calls it an act of political retribution due to the state living a lawsuit over Trump's national emergency declaration to pay for a border wall. Newsome says the state will fight to keep the money every time. The Trump administration is facing another lawsuit over the president's emergency declaration to build that border wall. Earlier today, an ACLU suit was filed in Sanford. Cisco saying that there is no emergency to justify the president's action. It accuses President Trump and other members of his administration of violating custody national limits on there were thirty that suit follows one by California and fifteen other states on similar grounds. It was filed yesterday. Mr. Trump declared an emergency to obtain wall funding beyond money congress approved for border security, a former President Barack Obama is an Oakland today to discuss ways to empower young men of color. KCBS is Carrie Hodousek reports live from the Scottish right temple where she says some big names are there Kerry Jefferson, Patty, President Obama and warriors star Steph curry our onstage speaking right now over a thousand young men of color about the way society views black culture, how to improve education policing and Muslim portly to be a good role model, President Obama discuss his childhood and how he didn't know his father to well, he only met him once and he says he felt like he didn't have a purpose in life. He formed the library. Others keeper alliance after the death of Trayvon Martin five years ago. The goal is to reduce violence and empower young men we heard from singer John legend as well who performed at just a while ago. He sat down with three mothers who lost their sons to gun violence including Trayvon Martin's. Mom and Oscar grant's mom Steph. Curry is now taking questions from young men from all over the country that are here today. It's all part of a two day event here in Oakland. Now prior to today's event hundreds of people took part in a day of service yesterday at schools in San Francisco ends in Oakland. Also in the crowd. Here are Oakland. Mayor Libby Schaaf and San Francisco mayor London breed, so we'll have much more coming up in the next hour here on KCBS for now. Reporting live in Oakland, Carrie Hodousek. KCBS carry the city of San Jose will consider updating its decades old local firearms sales laws to focus on so called straw. Purchasers? KCBS is Marquis Schaefer reports from the south bay with the goal is to reduce gun violence and. Brought more regional laws straw purchasers. Are those who have another person execute paperwork needed to buy a gun from a dealer? Studies show straw purchasing is a major source of guns used in crime. And you suicides we owed this commitment of reducing the accessibility of guns to those who should not have them to all victims of gun violence. San Jose police chief Ed Garcia endorses the proposed San Jose law that would require video and audio recording of gun purchases training of staff inventory checks and point of purchase suicide prevention sign edge. This is not a cure all this is a step forward. At a San Jose mayor San mccarter who stood flanked by gun safety advocates including pastor, Danny Sanchez who works with young gang members. It breaks my heart to have to be. To be up here in share that we need. We do need a way to curb the violence center three. This isn't San Jose council will consider the rules in the coming weeks since San Jose market Schaefer KCBS auto burglary epidemic in San Francisco may have slowed a bit, but that's little consolation to Amana lost his arm to a recent break in in the city south.

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