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To figure out what to do with it, but by 1974 alleged had been born Go ahead, Reach out posted brand. Silver's legacy includes 37 patents, but it's the post it note that's found in virtually every home and office in the world. Spencer Silver was 80 That's Peter King Reporting four DUIs in 30 minutes. Find Paul Miles news radio 8 40 wh A A at 6 35, Kentucky Ana's Morning news. I'm Tony Cruise along with skeptics, Gerald Couple of news and notes on the Good nose. Good news. Good nose. Good knows. I got a big nose by those ain't good. Good knows every good. No spot. Bloomberg is reporting Colonial pipeline is quietly paid. The hack is $5 million to get the decryption tool to restore its computer network. And even it was a slow decryption tool. And so now, of course I Googled Can they be hit again? Of course, they could be hit again. So you know, kind of buyer beware. I mean, if they put in another stoppage, by the way that $5 million we heard in earlier reports morning from NBC News, Roy O'Neill that There's insurance for these kinds of things. Oh, yeah, Everybody's win In this situation. You can bet those premiums they're getting charged coming a high price as well. Yeah. And here's the thing As you know, if you no matter what company you.

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