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Who is the man and dressing worthy man? They escorted him out and as he's being out, he's preaching the Gospel on the way out well. There's a difference there 'cause. This is someone that's leading people astray. To to damnation that you may have a church that they're not the they're. You disagree with them, but it's not damnable It doesn't lead them to hell, so that would be the difference. I'd make their. this next question. We can't answer, but I'm GonNa, read it and ask the person get hold of me. Cindy asks. I'm a sudden. I was going to join a church, but my doctor Says No. What should I do? What you should do is email me. just at Info striving for Trinity Dot Org. August that we the that's why we can't answer that because there's just not enough information. we don't know what your situation is that the doctor would say no just in. Here's a question that came in I was asked to you, but I have a feeling. You're going to throw back at me. So this is in the category of world, religions cults in movements when. The question is Justin. Do you plan on addressing Hebrew roots? Yes. It's IT I won't say it's not. It's not my front burner necessarily, but it is something I've looked at in. In all probably end up doing podcast on it, but. It's it's bad Juju, but but yeah, that's that's definitely. Wait wait wait. You're GonNa Talk Hebrew roots again with the bad juge knew. What do you want against my people? The Bad Juju. About, Hebrew roots no less than calling you do. I gotTA learn to stop saying that around here. Will give you a resource. For this only resource I know on Hebrew Roots Movement again. It covers my face, which is good tourism. Tour is I've gone. No are else, Walberg. We've done to podcasts I've had him on my rap report podcast and the title that we use of that podcast was tourism and I had him on politics live, and the top title was tourism. Tourism is a term. He came up with to describe HEBREW ROOTS BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITES. All these groups that want. Want to put themselves back under the law, and it is the only book that I've seen on the subject. It is an excellent excellent book handles things wonderfully and I recommend you getting it so just look for the book. Tourism are Christians required to keep the the law of Moses and so You can go to tourism book dotcom Tour Ism. Book Dot Com. And you can pick it up there. And let Robert Know that I send you a way..

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