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He's got the book out called cult city, the ten days that changed the world. This has to do with Jim Jones, the cult leader in San Francisco, and then Harvey milk. You know, who has a cult personality that follows him to this day. And it's it's interesting how the two stories because Jim Jones took the people for the peoples temple in San Francisco, seventy eight down to Guyana in South America. And Jim Jones was he you know, he's been painted as this Christians zealot. No, no, no, no. No. No, no. This guy didn't really even believe in God. This was a cult of socialism and communism. It Harvey milk. The you know, the pride icon to this day. Harvey milk was a big fan of Jim Jones. I mean, he went to the temple and said some of the best moments of his life with a temple and who else loved Jim Jones. Jerry Brown was a fan. Willie Brown was a fan Di Di PHI because Jim Jones was powerbroker San Francisco. He chaired the housing commission in San Francisco, people don't even know this. So he puts it all together in this book. But then he ties that into the Harvey milk situation because Harvey milk was was killed by Dan, white, George Mosconi was killed by Dan white ten days after the whole thing in Guyana goes down to fascinating book. But man, what you see in this book is how the media in San Francisco, California, and the world has totally whitewashed this and Hollywood and Hollywood it's as if this didn't happen. It's as if the things that these people were involved in never took place because they have so far distance themselves from Jim Jones a guy who they love. He was a powerbroker Jim shows. I mean, we got the most Cody center in San Francisco beautiful building convention center, named after George Mosconi who was who was murdered by. Dan, white. George Mosconi was a he was he was. George Mosconi was a guy who well, he had the reason why Dan white killed both of those people had nothing to do with homophobia or anything like that. They both reneged on promises that they made the damn white. And Dan white was obviously a hot head. And he went too far. He kills both. These these men, but it has nothing to do with homophobia nothing of the like. Yeah. His business partner and chief of staff was gay. There were gay gay. Dan, Dan, white was a Dianne Feinstein protege. He was that some hardcore right winger. Anyway, that interview is coming up in just a moment. You've got to stick around. Okay. So.

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