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I gotta go back to be able to dedicate itself in this over the last couple of months to get his by even better shape and you shows he's playing several minutes. You don't look at a guy like and play thirty, five, thirty, eight minutes but he's capable of doing and he's doing very well and making shots late that's what you know. Guys got their legs then great shape. Were they able to make shots late and that's what they medals does. You gotta get metal all on creditors. Right now. and. I WANT WANNA, kick it back to you because I have a question for you about the similarities between what's going on with mellow and what happened with you because if people remember you know Antoine. Walker most prominently, I. Think you say to a fan think of Antoine. Walker. They think of you and the number eight Celtics. Jersey. Doing the Shimmy after shooting a three like that's that's twenty points a game guy. But then when Boston moved on from you after Danny Ainge June one of the many players we don't have the game to that I Think, they're non I. There wasn't a narrative that Okay Antoine Walker done like Antoine Walker to bounce around the league. Bit News. Done. And you get to Miami and when you guys win the title use started every single playoff game for them that year if I'm remembering correctly, do you see some similarities between what's mellows going through and where he's at now and you in Miami after you've been in Dallas and after he'd left Boston Yeah. Of course because there was our organization that. Had A lot of with. was there twice and then the opportunity came to be a free agent and we have some young pizzas. To we sign and they chose to go on different direction. So as you start to get confused but luckily I got. To do something I never did in my career and that's join a championship team and I just took bengals opportunity packed while he's particularly on When he when he knew the role, he wanted me to play and I was looking to accept that role to change that image of this show difficult in the league differently the media that people believe that I could play for a championship and I can I can play a role I didn't have to be the main focal point. And we're GONNA play when the Table Shocking D. Wade and Alonzo mourning gay pay you know four hundred famous and you know you add the pose bounce out Jason. Loaded team and accepted my role very well, I was in my career. I'm twenty and ten look visual accolades, but I sacrifice to won the championship. So I look at I think melons taking the opportunity and can you said they've got probably got another good year him he's not going back to the Knicks partner. Some be a slave is now it's okay. If you think about what Falcons guy going right now, they're finally healthy. Even, if they do not make the playoffs, they gotta feel really good how they look to next season what none of what the small force so I think this is something that can last for a couple of years. Tom Brady now known. Word this off season not only to make sure his. Goes as well as. A few people about him wrong. Some of those people help from new. England I don't know raise latest workout included newest show McCoy. Raise for the go take a listen to this goes. I mean and as he stoned the ball, you know I, hear a couple of guys with my Tang. I'm years planning and that's how good he looked seriously. Mean drunk talked about it like. His will to win his will to go out there and still keep going. Man Once you see God like that Kana display that attitude I mean you WanNa. Be Part of me in a sense of me I may how much longer can I do it? You know so look good today. Look good shake he threw the ball very well. Like a coach in that with Alanon. I mean safety first Leshan. The quiet wild year excited. You know you are naked there eight question your mind that Brady at age forty three can still dominate clearly teammates to watch him practice Alaska we've seen so. Well. Listen far. Be It for me to disagree with all time Kan city chief legend and Super Bowl. Champion Leshan Record but. Here's here's my concern. My concern is that we have seen the clear evidence that Tom Brady while maybe on the practice field as he's doing the Dak, right there is the same as he's ever been Tom Brady in the game particularly in the face of a pass, rush is not the same player he once was now for Tom this is a brilliant opportunity because he can similar to Kurt Warner who was written off after his time with the giants and then had an unbelievable run with the cardinals l. not that dissimilar to Mike Vick, after he was when he was out of the League and then came back with. Philadelphians that is a backup quarterback now, and then he almost one league it'd be Brady and say I'm still here America, and if he's great, the bucks will be also like the defense the last six weeks of the season was a top five defense. They have all these weapons on the outside. Mike. If the the to me, the biggest question mark is do they have a great quarterback a good quarterback and average quarterback or a below average quarterback I think it's going to be option C. or d. an average or below average quarterback but mike if he's excellent, there's no reason Tampa shouldn't be an eleven twelve win football team. Yeah without a doubt and you know when you look at Tom Brady right now it's physical attributes assist looks through it still looks the same as as it was you know five or six years ago I don't see any deterioration you know just in a storm motion in its in its footwork and movement. And when you come to work every day and you see a guy like space, Mike Evans, you see Chris. Colin. It's limitless opportunities within the office. To cover the whole field, so tom is just averaged season. But. You know Mike Evans continue to take the top be covered. She's a thousand yard receiving that you've got crystals going complement and then Gronkowski. Tom Job is going to be way easier and I think he knows that you know paired up with Bruce Earnings and Brian, which you know they know what they have. You know within this team right now and Tom Doesn't have to go out and be great. Tom Has the Labrador Mike Evans. Hair. You know give them opportunity to stress the field. You got great backseat shade in a couple of the guys who can fill the void. So this office is GONNA move. The way it's supposed to move into Tom has to be excited every day he walked in to this building and walgreens around his teammates because the skies are living those guys wonder you're going to play because they want to know how long do the window of opportunity is they have to win the super? Bowl because they know it can happen with the goat..

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