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Black women if we all come from one race in all the history shows that it came out African there's no way feasible that the Europeans were the first ones to actually brain swimming about Donald Fagen lecture at Howard University the west coast the African produced the first thing he looked lack of frontcourt you appease mainly due to breast stroke mimicking the front but it was inefficient so when it was swimming competitions we had something they it's like a side stroke with full front crawl for speed the native Americans you state and that happened west coast African use in fact it took the British up until eighteen forty four to admit that I'm European style of swimming could beat fez which at the time was breaststroke John trudging he's from England he saw some people in Argentina do the same thing and the strokes of being you specifically in these parts of the world yes and when you start talking about competitors stroke Johnny Weissmuller better known as Taurus he literally stated when he won the Olympics in his fifty where you can get the stroke from he was the first one with the front crawl to its skin where his shoulders where hundred eighty degree plane and oppositional written and when they asked him we get the stroke from he said I got it from the aborigines they said we'll call it does stretch out your call so a lot of the strokes that they're calling with these that Africans would mourn over seventy thousand years ago but they put it behind a European thing but that's a big chunk of history missing slavery on the middle passage across the water in chains chains why would you want to put chains on people who can't swim if they can't swim may not just going to volunteer and jump off the boat all the Christians phones that's the best of what it to this we are laid on albums now bout of riverside we going to Wade in the water our freedom has actually based on our ability to swim so west coast Africans in all Africans literally negotiated water it was just a way of life so we swam as a way of life for survival sandwich chain dot and maybe some things got forgotten over three hundred years of.

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