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Floyd open W. S. B. nine WST news times a minute past ten o'clock he arrived at the courthouse this morning dressed in a grey pinstripe suit a tie and suspenders Will Rogers don't get any prison time he said to be cents this hour Roger stone close ally president trump will learn how much if any prison time you will get after being convicted last November of lying to Congress witness tampering and obstruction of Congress this morning we find out what the judge will put stone in prison what's unclear is whether stone will get another trial but could he be pardoned by the president as ABC's Pierre Thomas reporting over to get it Harvey Weinstein's rape trial as the jury deliberates for a third day the sixty seven year old charged with first degree criminal sexual act two counts of rape and two counts of predatory sexual assault charges are based on and Miriam Haley's testimony that winds dean forced oral sex on her in two thousand six and the Jessica man's testimony that he raped her in twenty thirteen during what was described as an abusive relationship Weinstein has maintained that any sexual contact was consensual the jury made up of seven men and five women if convicted on the most serious charges Weinstein could face between five years in prison between five and twenty five years in prison top local news every thirty minutes and when it breaks ninety five point five W. SB depend on it another urging state lawmakers to get tough on those who sell vaping products in our state my son suffered so bad MS and Hammerstein Swanee mom Amy said Rick is hopeful the bill sponsored by representative Barney rich will pass this session helping others to avoid what her son went through it would tack on the seven percent excise tax and require all retailers to obtain a state licensed to sell the products if they think that they'll lose their license to sell the product they're going to enforce the law that we don't have the same epidemic with tobacco and alcohol right now that we're seeing with fake from the state capitol center parish.

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