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I. S. T. is relaunching their food distribution program today yes I should mention I saw black cars held over the weekend award these people where is everybody going stocking up for this week ahead you know I just have this sense of this week ahead is going to be like a critical one well you know last week was sort of a corner Surgeon General yeah you know Celeste is bad let's just keep the resolve going and certainly president trump issuing a warning on Saturday that it was going to be a tough week ahead in Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams repeating that message on fox news Sunday this is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans live quite frankly this is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment R. nine eleven moment only is not going to be localized it's going to be happening all over the country Dr Adams says this is a test of our resolve adding people need to stay at home to protect their neighbors or at least wear a cloth mask in public the virus has infected more than one point two million people worldwide more than three hundred thirty seven thousand in the United States I heard a world recovery rate coming off of Johns Hopkins University at over a quarter of a million now it's kind of hard to know how many people are covered if you don't know how many people had it exactly right president Donald Trump promoting the latest CDC guidelines which call for people to wear cloth face cut their coverings when I go out in public the move is voluntary but he also asked people please don't use those medical masks the CDC is not recommending the use of medical grade or surgical grade masks medical protective gear must be reserved for the frontline health care workers president says use of mass does not replace the guidelines on social distancing so stay home when possible and do maintain a safe distance from others now there could be a breakthrough in the race to find a cure a study from scripts research the scientists may have found the Achilles heel of covert nineteen promising work down with antibodies that have been taken from a sars patient several years ago and they're seeking out recovered it coded nineteen patients now who are willing to donate blood to screen for potential antibodies this is the old time medicine to be able to do this and that is very promising itself five oh five hospitals those now bracing for an increase in patients and so are they're having to reschedule elective surgeries you knew this the American college of surgery says some elective surgeries are urgent or emergent and some are truly elective doctor Brad Lemke medical director at Saint Luke's health in Houston says they are still performing non cobit nineteen surgeries if you're scheduled for a knee replacement oftentimes that something that can be delayed if you have a diagnosis of a cancer then sometimes those need to happen sooner than later you wouldn't want to actually put that one off Dr Lindsay says people still have medical problems happen that are not covered nineteen and doctors are treating those he suggests if you have any questions call your doctor's office Nikki Courtney newsradio seven forty K. E. T. R. H. now the majority of Americans have cut back on their spending amid this pandemic Bankrate dot com financial analyst Greg McBride says many of us are still grappling with uncertainty with this economic downturn seventy percent of US economic output is tied to consumer spending so as consumers cut back you see that you know that's the building blocks of a recession McBride said all income groups have reduced their spending but generally those with higher incomes are cutting back the most one bright spot a majority of Americans did not bail out of the stock market well the pandemic is certainly eating up restaurants the national restaurant association reports sales were down fifty percent in the first three weeks of March hospitality consultant Jonathan Horowitz predicts the worst is yet to come about fifty percent close and some of that will be temporary and I'm imagining that twenty to twenty five percent will close permanently and even the restaurants that survive may not look the same people reinventing their business models some will be able to re open wounds under different concepts of different names seventy percent of restaurants say they've had to lay off employees or cut shifts Corey Olsen usuario seven forty KTRE Texas restaurant association says take out curbside delivery from your favorite diner are safe and the toes and says staff being educated.

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