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Can you give us your views on mining bitcoin? Thanks are going to have to start paying their depositors more. What's the biggest mistake currency traders make breaking market news and insight from Bloomberg experts? China is going to rapidly run out of things to put tariffs on consumer is a woman you're more likely to be a both companies can go down even with short-term going off a little bit. Bloomberg markets. We've been FOX and Lisa Abramowicz on Bloomberg radio. Broadcasting live from communist power in practice alumni workshop in Orlando coming up Kroger and Walgreens are becoming bedfellows. We'll talk about why. Yes. We'll also take a look at the US trade war and find out is the agriculture sector in a recession. But right now, let's go to Greg Jarett in the Bloomberg newsroom with Bloomberg business flash. Greg. Thank you for him. The rally in risk assets sparked by trade was evaporates investors. Drove skeptical that the US and China made any meaningful breakthrough treasury yield curve continues to flatten them the dollar retreats Shepard. Senate pantheon tells Bloomberg investors simply wanna know more. I think markets really wanted to hear was simply that the Tara. Wouldn't be imposed January one which was the original plan. So happy about last and from a macro there. Everything else is kind of detail the individual sectors, and for autism particular potential shift from forty percent down to fifteen possibly would be an enormously big deal. But right now there isn't there is no hard information on this. We check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg radio S and P five hundred is down eight tenths percent down. Twenty two thousand eight tenths percent down two hundred two and it has got eight tenths percent down sixty one. The ten year is up five point nine five percent intermediate. Crude oil is up one half of one percent or fifty three twenty two payroll while COMEX gold is up four tenths of forty four even per out the Valerie Yanez at one hundred ninety nine the euro dollar thirteen fifty the British pound to dollar twenty seven twenty six shake shack. Management says it's seeing labor cost pressure do minimum wage heights speaking at an investor conference, they say kiosks help to mitigate those labor. Across thirteen restaurants with kiosks now they see about twenty by year. End fake is down one point four percent. That's a Bloomberg business flash. Bloomberg markets continues with Lisa and thank.

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