Mark Helprin, Congress, President Trump discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


I yesterday was leon diesel tear today it's mark helprin who knows who it'll be tomorrow but why hasn't this drunk you know when i know because you've covered them there are members of congress who are sexual harassers it didn't then with bob packwood years ago right and uh there's some charges that have been levelled against the president of the united states what what what is why is that why has this not extended to political figures because political figures are elected so the big difference is that you know people who run corporations our who work for others can be fired and elected officials can't so they can either choose to resign or the voters decide the next time around so that's a huge difference and you know with regard to president trump be access hollywood tape came out before he was elected and i guess people turned a blind eye to that you know i i wrote a new york times oped soon after and in the nfl personal for me because he had come out against me when my story had pro and he had sided with the other side and then his own tape came out and it was incredibly personal for me that i wanted to make sure that my children twelve and fourteen understood what human decency wise and how i was hoping to raise them along with my husband and how i was raised for that matter and i played them that tape so that they would know how not to treat a human being and really has nothing to do with politics michael this has to do with how are we going to move forward and treat women women and men together and and how do we want our kids to eventually treat one another so what i've said all along as that sexual raton as apolitical when somebody decides to harass you they don't ask you what party in first they just do it and this is why i've been doing so much work on capitol hill trying and try and try and try and to get a bipartisan bill wouldn't that be great if congress actually did something and i'm trying to get this bill through that.

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