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Than $374,000. Wall Street's big investment banks are sending a message to employees this summer. Get back to the office and Don't forget your vaccination card. Morgan Stanley says. Those who aren't vaccinated will be required to work remotely, which could put their jobs at risk. Since the company wants everyone back in the office by September, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase have announced similar policies. Area, holding her ABC News for more on money. Just visit the K to our business center at K t a r dot com K to our news TECH tip. There's a new app that's connecting Arizonans with disabilities to inclusive activities in the community. The disability Resource Connection. APP is a combination of resources and community events from more than 45, Arizona disability organizations and agencies. I mean, it's absolutely amazing, and it has Mom's like Michelle Thorne. Grinning from ear to ear. Thorn is the mother of two Children on the autism spectrum, as well as the executive director of one of the organizations featured. She explains the possibilities that an app like this creates. What we're hoping is that the disability resource connection really opens that up and makes it easy for parents to see that their kids can participate in sports. They can go do water activities at the lake. The full calendar of events shows a wide variety of activities designed to be inclusive. You can download the app now from the APP store or Google play by just typing in DRC, az or heading to DRC, az dot org. Taylor Kinneret, Katya Our news for more on this story, and others just go to the tech center at K t a r dot com..

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