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No come on. Randy johnson. The former major league baseball player. Randy johnson. He's got like these palatial estate that. I don't have the money for you kidding me. Randy Johnson Diamondbacks. Great. When the greatest left handed pitchers in baseball history. He killed a bird. You know? Oh, he killed the bird so bad in spring training through. He threw a fastball and that bird exploded. And no one told the bird to cross home plate. While the ball was coming one hundred miles an hour. Randy Johnson has a paradise valley mansion. Yeah. And it was previously listed for thirty five million dollars. Yeah. I don't have that kind of money laying around. No that was in two thousand sixteen a state record for a residence. So he had the he had the biggest and most expensive house in Arizona. Arizona. State record. Wow. Oh, yeah. Okay. So he's trying to he's trying to sell it. And he hasn't been able to. I think they dropped it to sixteen million. So that didn't work either. Because if you Randy Johnson, you of all the money in the world you buy a mansion and now it's thirty five million. And then you let it go. Who do you sell it to you? I don't know there's no one of the rich. How about how about a current tea bags player? Nobody's got that kind of money. How about Paul Goldschmidt? For you. Our that town. I would buy this house. I would. But there would be a caveat caveat writing because they're going to auction it off now. So I'm thinking, I don't know maybe kind of get this house for flight three grant one fifty one hundred fifty dollars one hundred fifty thousand dollars you have to put down like a hundred thousand dollars in an account for you can. I'll find a way to I'll sell some blood are selling plasma Hopi dead because you'll have to sell it. All right. I if I were to buy this house or anyone, okay? Because Randy Johnson wants to unload this house. Here's my caveat. All right. You have to be my Butler for a month who Randy Johnson. As the worst. Yeah. I he'll listen if you're that serious about getting rid of a thirty five million dollar house eleven full bathrooms, by the way. I would I would go like one week in one bathroom then another week at another. And I never go to that other bathroom doing six you could use a different bathroom every day, six half bathrooms. Yeah. There's a toilet all over the place else. Okay. Thirty thousand square feet thirty thousand feet. You know, Randy Johnson. He's he's big. He's not the most affable gregarious human being on the face of the earth. So I was the first okay to greet him in Arizona when he was traded here. That is true. Guess what? He gave you a big finger. Didn't he? No, no, no, no, all I know is people would not talk to him on game day. Right. It's not a nice person. I would want him to be my Butler. I'd buy the house and I'd have him pitch me softball practice. Everyone's oh, yeah. I'm sure he'd like to beaner Plunkett. Yeah. We'll see how that goes. Chad Benson is next until next time on.

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