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Realize i'm coming from a very specific perspective like i've had jason today. Kaz and brendan hunt on my podcast. I've gotten to know them a little bit. I just think it's a really surprisingly good st- just show in terms of storytelling in terms of the main themes at a time when the us especially over the last few years has been under trump at least very anti foreign countries other countries. And i think ted lhasa has brought back the idea that americans can bring something positive to the rest of the world And i want to oversell it but because it's just a fun show. I don't think it's changing humanity. But i think at. It's come at a time during the kovic situation. When i think people also wanted to see something like that and it's a crazy ridiculous premise and so i'm just surprised that they've been able to take this crazy ridiculous premise. That doesn't make any sense in real life and actually make it into a show that has a lot of humanity and it. And i've enjoyed that. Yeah there's a sweetness to which i again lot the first series more than i did. The second series is a sense that you say. It's not really about football. I've a working theory that we've sports films is if i know the sport. I won't like the film. Which so i like baseball films because i don't know based worn account. See the joins in any football just annoys me too much to watch. So that's that might be a bit of it and the other is the. They juxtaposed the sweetness with the sort of swearing in the an crudity and the rest of it which sort of jar sometimes. But that's a minor point governor who is supposed to be sitting here. If i'm sitting here with my twelve year old daughter. She could watched ninety percent of it. But then talking about wanking and as i've had friends of mine ask if they're six-year-old with like it and that's actually a hard question to answer for the same reasons you're bringing up and so i get that but i would say for adults. I do recommend it and i'm curious to see where the show goes. Is it more than a sort of marginal piece in america is it bigger than that as atlanta. It's bigger than marginal and just this week. This was the show. The dominated the emmy awards for the best television in america so it certainly has reached a big audience clearly. They've got much bigger budgets for the second season. When you look at the guests who've come on they had gary lineker interior on on last week. They have clearly. They're paying a lot of money for licensing great music. And so it's it's something that i don't think anyone really predicted would get this big and it has an obviously. You're gonna get big a bit of a backlash from some quarters as you get bigger and bigger. It's a real thing. yeah. I'm not ted lasso basha. That's even thing go the scope. We can't say that. I wanted to like him on a data. Anyway was okay. It's been great. Chantey really enjoyed it. Where could find you. What can they do so many different things going on. Where i suppose i could link to the newsletter would be the easiest price would yeah grant wall dot com w. ahl and that's.

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