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Young right that pulled it off quite so well we should mention chela may in ladybird very good as yet affording greater ladybird to isolated bird before i saw this and i didn't recognize them actually it was only when i google to him after seeing the first hour of call me by your name as id who is this kid because he's astonishing and then it turns out i liked him there he had a little bit more of a blatantly comedic role i'd say in ladybird as the boyfriend obviously he gets more to do here and he is just an actor who is both incredibly mature seems wise beyond his years and yet i do think enough of the immaturity comes through as well that you get the sense that he's aware that he has so much more to discover about himself and life but you mentioned the confidence his his physicality is such a big part of this role he he annoys me so much he just seems so amazingly talented and confident but not in a cocky way it's not like he walks into a room in this film and owns the room and is arrogant in some way it's a comfort in his own skin that army hammers character has as well i think that's what i mean by you're right he's not a khaki kid or at least as cocky is he could be given all his gifts in his talents and yet somehow just because of shelman sheer talented yet hockey perform gaz that many had as otherwise that item i don't necessarily i want to be as a hold that against him to something you notice when you're watching a mystery calmly by your name is currently playing in limited release if you've seen it and agree or disagree with our thoughts you can email us feedback at film spotting dot net that is our email address for any feedback you'd like to offer us on this episode you can also send us an mp three file or leave us a short voice mail and we made us use it in an upcoming episode three one to two six four zero seven four four at film spotting dot net you can find twelve years of reviews interviews and top five in the show archives while you're there go ahead and vote in the current film spotting poll were asking the bust film of 2017 is dunkirk get out ladybird or other.

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