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Pillar, like it's khali copper's team, but Candice Parker can this Parker will be there and be effective even at what is he 38. Now, it doesn't matter who cared. 36, I don't know. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. No, I think she stays. And I don't have my ear to the ground or a beat reporter informing me or anything. It's just a matter of this whole off season. We've looked at the host of names that are going to be available in free agency and I've kind of mentally ticked the ones that I think they're going to be on the move. They're going to be on the move. And for some reason, it just never struck me that Candice Parker would want to go anywhere else. She went and got her ring. It looks like she's a lot of fun playing with copper. I think even if the core of that team moves on, she's the perfect type of veteran to build her out and maintain a great defensive presence. She's just one of the best stars that really and I think she just likes it there, honestly. I think the LA days are over. I could see her moving on to a team that isn't Chicago or LA even, but yeah, that's a sell for me. All right. Yeah. Yeah. I have one more thought about this whole situation with gamma so this sparks, but I have a feeling another rumors coming up that's going to reveal my thoughts on it. So I'm going to hold off, but just a teaser. We'll see. I kind of dug for this last one. I didn't dig too far. I didn't dig too far. There's been articles on this. This one is not actually with free agency as much as it would be trades and maybe freeing up some cap space to move some other players in. But we've seen some rumors surrounding one John quell Jones, who is currently under contract with the Connecticut sun. Do you think that are you buying or selling on the Connecticut sun moving John quell Jones and entertaining entertaining offers for trades for John quell? My initial reaction is I'm selling it. But then I think about the teams and maybe even the desperation and the money that's floating around in free agency. And there's probably a team crazy enough to make the right offer. Do I know who it's going to be? No, probably Dallas. Dallas is probably going to trade 12 players and a car. And just trot out John quill Jones and four traffic cones and be like, this is our team this year. Logan has made a hard pivot from Indiana to Dallas over the last 12 months. Hard pivot ever since the WNBA journalist last season. All of a sudden, Indiana is off the table and it's on to Dallas. If you own WNBA TikTok, like some of the other accounts, there is a strong running narrative that doesn't just live at this podcast that is simply, I just don't know what the wings are doing. I don't know what we're talking about and I think. I don't know what they're about.

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