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Those are my boss. You're not my boss if you don't like that you're not buying tickets if you bought tickets and have a problem with the show. I will respond to you in the comments. I will give you a refund. I will listen to you like I actually take a lot of feedback from instagram comment. See I'm the opposite a lot of people like don't read your comments just folk and folk that will but you're gonNA listen to Comedians. So you're GONNA nor the people that follow you could buy tickets but you're gonNA listen to the people that don't buy tickets. Oh that's so. It's I listened to the comments. The people the Philistines that we all say. What the fuck do they know? They must something because they're the ones that ticketmaster I mean. They're the fills the seeds so we have to listen to them. Wow let's I'm a comedian. But a ticket to a comedy show. That's a very good point so I'm not saying. Like what do you know about comedy? Well they're the ones that consume it. Yeah I don't know what you're telling you. Yeah so I I just. I don't know how else to think. Yeah so when someone is like Oh the fucking joke look kind of offensive or whatever alcoholic that interesting and if a comedian's like that was hilarious. I'm like doesn't matter. Take it in. Water off the duck's back. Maybe I don't know I wonder why I feel that way though. Do you think you felt differently. We were young. All I cared about when I was younger was the approval of Comedians. All I care about. I care about the respective comedians notice. That's all that is really important to me. Yeah that's what I mean because I want the pride but I also know myself. I know how I respond to other people that are doing well that I'm jealous. I like it's just not a pure form of feedback There's nothing comedian can say to you. That's unbiased You know what I'm saying. Yeah couple more things I know. I have to let you go at some point. I really don't want to because I have so much to do. You have to go. I have a phone call tomorrow. Yeah I am slammed. I've motion prepare myself for sleep. Nightmares have been guys. I have to nap scheduled tomorrow. I was just GonNa ask you because you're so you guys talk a lot about self help. What's the best advice you feel like? You've heard recently do any good bangers I always like to sort of bring this up and I also want to ask you about your relationship with money since I feel like. You've probably making money anything you've learned that you. WanNa share so with the podcast. It's hard because I was so busy. The last three months and on the road so much I actually have not been on that many episodes recently so now in quarantine or on this remote podcast like well. Taylor's bat like I had just been like you guys. I know I'm not pulling my weight. By the way you're the girl that disappears when she dates a guy. Yeah and they break up and she's like what are we doing? What are you up instead of a guy that was my career and Which is also gone and we. I just can't be on every episode. I had missed a lot of them. And Yeah I couldn't even tell you the last the best advice is keep doing your podcast. Oh my God. I stay connected. Stay connected stay in podcasts. Are All we have now. Become a live touring I mean we. Obviously we read like the artist's way Which is you know the I read War of Art Garden. I read intuitive eating in college. We didn't episode on that in Calcium Delaney. Kind of. I don't know if they read it. Or they read like spark notes on it but they were like we do not. This is not work for us. I had a lot of food issues growing up but I would like binging stuff. Yeah Yeah and so in college and you work out no. I went to bench in like high school and I would not eat all day. Come home and bitch so And then I got to college and then I started losing weight and then it was like all I thought about was what I was eating and I got like. I was on thirty for like four months. And like you know where you're just thinking about every single thing And then I read intuitive eating. I think it was after college and I could see how it would work for some people it did for basic. It's just listened to your body and think about how this food is. GonNa make you feel you need it as opposed to your bad if you eat this and you know you're good if you eat that like putting all those. Yeah you know judgments on each thing So it's it's like very simple. It seems very simple when you read it. It's just like are you going to feel bad the fact that we have a read a book teach ourselves when to eat when you're hungry like like? I love the idea of people starving in Africa like way. There's some book where people have not think it's bad to eat. Just the worst white girl ever No I mean I yeah. I did all that stuff. I did the eating naked in front of the mirror thing for a while. Oh my God that's the whole thing is doing. I think there's something to not the eating. I've never eaten naked in front of a mirror. I would maybe never but I have. I have sleep naked. I have. I'm too scared some Shit's GonNa go down in the middle of the night. You know what I thought about. I think about your body so much. Thank you so much to me. Only shirtless your know your guy. Sam Your boyfriend posted like photos of you sleeping and it was so funny and I am fascinated by what people wear when they sleep a- and I noticed you were wearing like a full suit in every was I know he's Joe t shirt. I swear I was wearing Lincoln sweatshirt in one and that's just because I fell asleep on the couch. I just like any hall when I go to bed. I put on a full Tuxedo. Cumberbatch run vast sneakers. Watch with a monocle. I am ready to go at any time. Get up and leave. I don't sleep like that. I do sleep in sweat. Pants and a T. shirt. And what do you think you're just like WANNA be ready? I WANNA I WANNA be ready. I like sleeping naked when it's happened but I just the idea it has to happen. I can't plan get Rufiji. How do we know fall asleep? Naked have sex and then you fall asleep. You've never fallen asleep after winning worried about. You really don't one time. What is this a movie? He never I never had sex by you. Get only have to evacuate the premises. I'm GonNa Brush Your Teeth GotTa pee after. Go cry a lot that has to happen. I've never fallen asleep after sex in my life really. Yes never gotten up gone to P. We have to argue about it. We have to fight. We have to. What was that new move comes from that like there's a? There's a fighting that has to have like I've never talking that has to have you ever slept naked. I don't think I have ever slept naked. I mean it is nice. I do get up when I'm in bad relationships Or have been in bad relationships where I was constantly listening for approval of the other person and worried. They were GonNa abandoned me at any moment. I would want like let them fall asleep. When I was naked and then I would secretly get up and put clothes on and then sleep and then wake up before they woke up and take my clothes off to pretend that I had slept naked like I'm cool. Girl Messy saddest thing I've ever heard in my life. I agree that sentence that center. If you haven't seen gone girl you just heard it that. That sentence was the plot of gone girl. Insane originally just like you would wake up and be like you put on a shirt. I used to wake up like set my alarm to wake up and then go put makeup on and then go get back in bed and like that that I've heard of I've never heard of anyone full lashes. I've never heard of anyone pretending to sleep. Naked how wake up four. Am TO CONTOUR and pretend this is just what I look like. You know that I've heard of the this is pretending to sleep. Negative thing is another level or at all that I didn't know about it. Oh Yeah it's Nice I mean leaping. Here's the thing I've I've accepted that I may not ever have children given the ending. I just don't know if I can cause anxiety so bad now with everything falling to say I'm very fascinated by. I know a lot of people that are in their twenties. That are kind of like. Is it ethically sound to kids? What if there's no water like you know it's kind of an interesting thing? I talked to a lot of people your age. That think that way. Yeah that's kind of it'll change when you're thirty one and the the body starts to take over and possessed you. Oh when I was engaged. I was following a baby's Hashtag on instagram and fully crying watching clips of babies that I didn't know these were strangers these babies and I was now on Baggins Law. I was weeping openly. I know it's in their birth mortgage and I was like kids for a long time. When you think you've found your person you're like me more. We should make our duplicate. Yeah but when you are not with your person interesting you Kinda go you on birth control. I am birth control one. Low Low Estrin been there been there. Did you like you skip the placebos or no? No can you give. That's the one that you just honey? What yes the sugar pills I used to when I was well I would skip them just so that you wouldn't have your period. Oh I take the sugar pills and I still don't get a period. Oh okay that's that's interesting because I've talked about this before in the past when you're on birth control you're attracted to a different type of person because your body thinks you're pregnant right so you smell. Fairmont's differently and why do I keep dating comedians? That science low bar just switch birth control those standards. Yeah we did. We did a couple of episodes on birth control and Post Birth Control Syndrome. I because Calcium Delaney both Were like we have to get off birth control. And you're supposed to go off birth control as soon as you basically get engaged before you get married to make sure your soul attracted to the person when you're off of it because your tracks to a different type of person when you're pregnant then you're not pregnant. We did not even hear about that. Yeah gotTa have me on Your Pod? Oh my God Auntie Whitney on Pod we seriously do there was on low Estrin and married the wrong man for her when you're pregnant. Are you attracted to people who seem stable? You're the kind of person that could help you. Essentially raise your child and protect your child. I don't really believe in Alpha Beta thing. There's there's really no such thing. That's confusing concept If you get granular about it but let's just use those. What you're saying. I might be like my body might be like I'm pregnant and this guy is home a lot. Call Rack so that's good. You're going to be attracted to someone. Who's unemployed? Yeah when you're on birth control but when you're off birth control you're going to essentially be more turned out by men that take risks that are more Alpha that would be essentially the kind of genetics. You want to so when you have. We are not on birth control. You are less responsible in your dating choices. When I was non birth control I was mostly dating. Is that had tattoos and cheated. Oh yes you're the essentially Alpha risk-taking DNA tall big hands deep voice. That whole deal okay. Well this isn't fair because I have only dated on birth control and so I was alpha up. I was cheated on by a Beta. And that's not fair. That is not cool. That's a lot. Sorry he's very friendly the Mike. What's your next podcast topic? Sorry we recorded one With me and Sam where that goes. We talked about We talked about sorry. I can't frank come here get off of her please. I'm so sorry much Frank Frank. You're so heavy break. Come your Bubba Eupol. Sorry you're sorry You WanNa come pop out my ud. Thank you buddy boy. Hey but Okay he is going for it. Yeah and what was your question? No I was just curious if the next podcast it's coming out is I just like to. I like to talk to people in their twenties and pass on advice. They don't need. Oh my gosh like my obligation as you feel as you get older you start to feel his obligation to pass on things like as an elder. I have your phone number now and if you think that I'm not going to be using it that's true. I mean Yeah. You're kidding yourself. Become like the mom like a comedy. Mom People like text me all the time today. Got a text from community was like Hey Do you know a lawyer who could help my friend. Who's like landlord isn't letting her have a service dog? I was like I love that. I'm the person for this people like. Hey can you mixed tylenol with an me and I'm like I don't I'm pharmacist? I don't know I I get so many weird questions from people I know. I can't believe people are asking you about making taking ambien whether or not they should. God don't do it do sleep. Well no not at all. I take You could be like that person that falls asleep as soon as you get on a plane. No that's my face being around again really a lot. People make a lot of assumptions based on my round face You drink a Lotta Malcolm eyeglasses. Lactose intolerant well rested. Oh my God thank you. I'm not my cheeks or just fat. I just looked like a toddler not our money. Someone would pay for that face. I know people say that But I haven't seen any later. I'm sure it's like when you were a kid and you're like what did I have boobs yet. Fifteen and then you get older and we wish we looked as young as you get some pretty perky. I sleep very terribly..

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