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Up here on Wednesday. We have ten hours down and ten hours to go this week, this sort of the halfway point of the show, but also halfway point of the week Nancy shack, by the way, I guess these lawyers who have said that they have these files, and they quote, the number of seventy eight hundred sports scout leaders across the country named in the boy scouts of America. Perversion files they said that there's a hundred and thirty scout leaders from New York in fifty from New Jersey. That's one hundred eighty. I wonder if the names of these individuals, and if this abuse goes back as far as they suggest back to the nineteen what twenties thirties, obviously, some of these scout leaders will have will have been who will be deceased. They wonder if the names are ever going to come forward. Why? No, they're they're looking at the ones too. That are in Massachusetts. Yeah. Yeah. Let's let's just let's get right to the calls. I want he with people think kinda mentioned anybody defends it. But we've heard a sort of I would say maybe collateral defenses. Well, just in case anybody who wasn't listening to the first hour what we're basically talking about is the fact that we now know the current number for people who are believed to have assaulted children as scout leaders and volunteers now at seventy eight hundred and that's over period of seventy two years, and this was all exposed in recent court testimony. And that's that's of few thousand more than was originally. No, we've known that something was going on since the early two thousands. But now we're getting the numbers, and they are horrific and we're getting your reaction to those numbers. And as I say a couple of folks have sort of suggest, well, they're not the only organization that has had this problem for Catholic church. We know about, but but that is not an excuse not like saying, look, I'm accused of robbing a Bank, but I'm not the only Bank robber. No. And the other thing about this is nobody is saying that that they didn't try to police and that when they found somebody was assaulting children. They took them out of the mix, and they put them on a do not ever call list, which is great as far as that goes. But the problem was they didn't tell anybody about these people. So these people who were assaulting children were free to go ahead and salt other children because the boy scouts with other or just the ritual because nobody told the authorities. Nobody told the parents nobody told anybody while I was. Happening. No accountability. List the ban. They Perv less. Basically version is next. Anthony, welcome next on nightside ahead. Anthony. Yeah. Listen, I I love the scouts. I was a scout. And and I was a leader. If I wasn't a if I wasn't a scout. Right. I would never made it on this side of child where I live right now. So I have a lot to be grateful for. But they totally totally dropped the ball. The crazy thing is magic. They went into supreme court because they didn't want homosexuals in their ranks yet yet they didn't like the sexual orientation, but they had the nerve to go and say, oh, what's okay. We're just going to cover up pedophile that are in. I miss. You know what I mean? That's such a surprise like I'm not surprised that that that it happened. But I always held the scouts in high esteem like there's so many notable wonderful people that are eagle scouts collect. It's gonna be a big hit for them. But they gotta pay the price. What should that price? Be any. What's what what should be done to your? You know, you can talk about a financial cost, which is fine. But what what price you the organization pain, again, realizing the repel. A lot of people like yourself. In the organization who who who were scouts and who were leaders and participated honorably. No, no, no. But I'm saying they should pay. I'm not taking the I mean, the reputation I it's going to be as bad scouting it down and sound probably by half the amount. But I I don't know. I mean, how do you find what are you doing? I mean, what do you tell those victims said that although GSA and the company was not only that. I mean, I think I think your hostess coho service, maybe they think about like having legislation make these these organizations report. So that you have this. You can't pass it along like that. You know what I mean? Well, there there was a statutes called misprision of a felony. If you if you know about a felony and you choose to cover it up, you can be guilty technically misprision of a felony. So do you think that happened in, you know, no, I don't know. I don't, but I'm saying you don't necessarily need another law of saying there are laws on the books. Okay. So so yes, so so they would just covered. They someone has to pay. I mean that they the irony of it. The scouts was started by native American talk about something starting this country. A native American opposition who spent his whole life on an Indian reservation. You know, what I mean, it became with the scouts of a man was unaware that. Thank you for that information. Yeah. He was also the founder of the YMCA. So it did have a Christian into it. You know what I mean? But over here got more secular. But I don't know how do you punish someone for something? Like that. I don't know. I think that the criminal statute of limitation exists and in criminal statute of limitations have been extended as we found out in recent years in many states as a consequence of the pedophile pre scandal, if they're individuals with whom who can can be charged. They can be trying somebody obviously abused a child in the nineteen fifties. And then now dead there's not much you can do. And maybe the statue of limitations will not get you back to the nineteen sixties and seventies. But in some cases, might get you back to the nineteen ninety s I don't know. Someone needs to be someone needs to go to jail if they can get get it that the funny thing with the Catholic church. You know, this the cover up was so high by the cardinals and the bishops they quit status. When I when I went to Rome, I said, can you believe this guy behind the walls for ended law? He knew what was going on. You know, true. Well, you know cardinal McCarrick of Washington DC. Yeah. I I'm I'm not going to disclose what I know. But I will tell you this. I talked to a friend of mine yesterday. Yeah. In a in a state quite a distance both from Massachusetts in Washington DC who informed me that McCarrick is now living in their state. Not a state that would be considered to be a bastion of Catholicism. And and there are Catholics out there who are becoming increasingly aware of his presence. And you to see this story bubbled to the surface. I was given the information, and I'm not going to burn sauce. But but but there's a lot of folks who are upset that this individual has been placed in their community. Yeah. You're is open. Keep your is open. Right. Yeah. Thanks it than I gotta run him up my break. Great call. Thank you so much talk to you soon. Six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty nightside.

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