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Job isn't easy it weighs on you very heavily we really do see and are exposed to things that are very dark and are very sometimes evil at their core war and It can weigh on you in a definitely ages. You definitely affects your life. You almost need to have something that is driving you to continue to do it and I firmly believe that this is where I'm supposed to be meeker wanted me here and it in a long time to realize that. Is there a reason why I couldn't have kids. I think it's because I meant to do this. And there is definitely nothing that has been more satisfying in my life than to be at least be able to tell them other. I can't bring your daughter back but the person who did it isn't going to be able to hurt somebody else in late. Two thousand seventeen a year. After Gordon's trial doctors found a troubling uterine green mass inside Detective Jealous Trap and she had a hysterectomy she told me. There's a finality to that. The dream is gone she. He decided to throw away things. She'd been collecting her whole life with the idea that she would one day share them with her kids in her garage they were two enormous bins with old school report. Report cards notes essays book reports track shoes and trophies. She kept enough to fit inside a banker's box among among the belongings she found a grade school report in which she promised herself that she would one day. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Her husband was game and so a woman who had been camping exactly once announced a co workers that she was going to climb Africa's tallest peak and some people forgot who she was has made the mistake of wagering against her. Okay go little difference between reporters and guides and other climbers there were about forty people in her group and she was the only woman six seven ten fourteen hour days of climbing climbing every day. She watched the helicopters crossover head to rescue the weekend the unlucky and she wondered. Will that be me tomorrow. Her lungs were scorched and one of her toenails fell off on the six day. They stood on the summit in a place. The Messiah call the House of God God on a recent day. She went to the Black Palm Tattoo shop and orange and had the artist. Inc Mount Kilimanjaro on her upper ribcage. The tattooed tattooed joined eleven others scattered around her body most of them hidden under her clothes. There's a Mickey Mouse Tattoo on her leg that she got in her teens and plans plans to have removed because it evokes bad memories of the boyfriend she escaped the swallows under her collarbone represent the children she conceived but I did not bring to term who soul. She hopes to meet when she dies but most of the tattoos. She refuses to talk about not to her friends. Not Not to her husband and certainly not to reporters. She won't discuss the mirrored white staffs on her left wrist or the series of mysterious numbers on her upper right arm arm which looked like latitude and longitude marks and are fascinated about all these crazy tattoos that I have none of them make sense now but they are throwing a story. They're all scar. Are there a scar. There is one circumstance in which she might actually tell those stories. You can get a confession. Would Utah Story Right. Yes I might the difference between killer walking and killer going to prison. Oh absolutely pointed your arm and said I need to know I mean yes. It Ain't no me I wouldn't lie. There's one more part to this story. The unknown victim Jane Doe Number Five the young black doc woman. Gordon claimed he abducted from Beach Boulevard on Valentine's Day. Twenty fourteen where her face should have been among the photos of the other victims. There was this justice silhouette. Nobody even knew she was dead. Trap was certain that somebody somewhere must be missing. Her people always ask and why have pictures of my victims up on wall and it's it's a reminder when I when I come in for work it's they're the first the people I see before I sit down to my cubicle and when I leave there the last ones I see and so it's hard to ignore of a black silhouette staring at you and it's a conserve reminder of your job's not done and so I knew that at that point I it was it was just me. My partners had moved onto other cases is rightfully so they have their own cases to solve and It was just something I needed to be done. I wasn't going to stop until it was finished. It's incomplete. She had combed through missing persons reports and expanding circles. She had searched city databases county databases state and national databases. She had long lists of missing young women who fit Jane Doe Number Five General Description and had searched methodically for any sign that they were alive. After mid February twenty fourteen a social media post a call to family and arrest an appearance on sex trade advertising sites she had flyers distributed around prostitution hubs in Las Vegas Texas. Oklahoma Sandiego Oakland nothing. She clenched her teeth. When people called it the dead hooker case some asked why She was devoting so much time and effort to a case that would likely never be solved much less prosecuted? According to the water cooler talk it was a hopeless effort. All she could think to say was you don't understand. She won detective of the year for a third time. This time for her work on the Gordon. Kanok's her bosses asked if she'd consider promoting to sergeant as she approached her third decade with a badge wasn't at time to move up she liked the idea of a pay hike but it would mean leaving homicide rotating take back to patrol packing up the second floor desks. She had fought so long to sit at. It would mean giving up Jane Doe Number Five who who else would pursue it with such fury. She told the bosses. No she wasn't ready. Her husband noticed the case seemed to have taken can hold of her with an intensity bordering on obsession. It was incomplete and she's not somebody that's would ever be acceptable acceptable to to have something unfinished about acceptable. Every morning. She pulled out the list and went down at again. She called Families Emily's and studied jail logs and crossed off. Names all through two thousand fourteen and two thousand fifteen and two thousand sixteen an end to two thousand seventeen. There was one name. She could not eliminate the name was sable picket. She had been nineteen eighteen when she vanished in February. Two thousand fourteen. A bail bondsman had called in the tip. She had been arrested for prostitution in Los Angeles early that month bonded out and vanished traps studied the photo attached to pick its arrest warrant. She was black five foot three just one hundred and three pounds. She had pigtails. She looked like a kid. She fit the description. Gordon gave the trap was trying to prove a negative that pick it no longer existed. She hoped she was mistaken. But the young woman didn't show up in any jail or arrests logs. She had posted nothing on social media. She was just gone. It was two separate things it was. Who is Jane Doe and then I was trying to prove that sable live and so it was it was two different searches whenever I sit down on my desk and I'm like okay I'm GonNa work on? Mike girl trap called pickets family to get details about her background sable had grown up in common with her grandmother. Michelle Malveaux just just a happy. Go lucky girl a full life. She did what she wanted to do. She wrote points. She liked to write pretty black chocolate younger pretty hair dimples looking at smart she she yeah she was a happy jazz. He lacquer mothers that Sables Mother Dana Lewis. She said sable was a cheerleader at Compton high school and that she wanted to join the airforce but failed the math portion of the test. She met a man she called her boyfriend. and to me they get brainwash about all the money. Pretty purses get your nails done. Go Get your hair done. British shoes driving a nice car and then showing her up with the other girls had Louis Vuitton Gucci purses go shopping in Beverly Hills eleven competent. But you shop in Beverly Hills. What young girl wouldn't want it sometime in early? Two thousand thirteen eighteen after she was baptized at a local church. Sable picket stood in her grandmother's Compton Kitchen and nonchalantly even proudly explained that she it had been turning tricks. She said she was entrepreneur that it was easy money and I had to tell her in the kitchen out. Say No stable Oprah. It's October Kapur. You got a long way to go honey. Grandmother's home is a shrine to Jesus with a big Bible in the living room and verses from scripture picture on the walls I just what if I told you raised like that out no why you do. An ad just went ballistic address. I started fussing and cussing. She knew she wasn't getting off that easy for months after sable left for the streets. Michelle's phone phone would ring at odd hours. Sometimes in the middle of the night there'll be silence on the other end and she thought it must be sable may be trying to work up the courage to say she wanted to come home maybe just wanting to hear her grandmother's voice. Meanwhile Sables Mother Dana was working at a food for for Lassen Bar Sto during shifts. She hoped the phone would ring with news. E adding have no appetite smoking cigarettes going crazy just worried we can you do worry and wonder where your child is. Does she got Dr. I've been talking to this family for almost three years. Not really given a much information and instead just asking a lot of questions it to me she will always call me check in have a heard anything about sable and I would tell her no. I haven't heard.

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