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So i i can't wait it's all going down here within the next six weeks or so yeah ona in perth australia think it's ufc to 21 uh february eleven perth australia enough for in phnom adelaide melbourne and my main sponsor engaged based in perth so everything just kinda lined up properly and it will just set up like the stars were aligned to get this done before the thing is is he's calm is a cucumber just signed the contract he's eleven onoh in own buddies kinda like just watch watches in offers rodeo and and it's funny because he sat down you know we start talking to him by startalk norman after you know what he sounds like a young john jones savouring obvious asia that it alone at odds with in light up looking at your body structure you design your kickboxer when i first saw john i think it was ufc ninety four g s p verses bjp into any force that from boehner and i was watching their men seen the way you wrestled in oslo at all because you know stay body type in france and i i mean i've looked at ibm he's been in this racean coming up but i'm not trying to be anyone knows i'm just wanna do me you don't do but um yeah i'm going to just keep the same energy you know do it up always don't do the same thing but just in a different gauge necet athletic at the point because you've had 74 eighty fights were almost a vice oviedo you bring that experience should to the ufc and emma talent is a big game the heart of the game right are you keep that same one or does yeah obviously ever changers at the sage easy that moment and a bad brought you up with now while for me coming up i was never like this contrary to popular belief i was like a run back in high school back as a kid and bullied you'll be like the new kid unusual like one of the only few black kids in iceland had defend myself so especially after new zealand exactly a year ago got these big modi's in his island is you know a l fog around but on yeah so i.

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