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Fumble in the final minutes of a playoff game. Stay classy tweeted that Jeremy Hillary tweets, and he says I've been tormented trolled edition expected for years from this fan base. The moment I say something you guys go insane. I am human being too. So basically. No. But see that's the thing. He was sensitive first of all because he even after winning Super Bowl. I'm gonna go with the Bengals fans. About. The Bengals fans right now is using his feelings because holiday probably how they treated him as some you know, what fa. They treated me bad. Let it be like listen when I played for the Miami Dolphins rookie year played against the white Frene. Right. D- free defray the Tasmanian devil himself gave up three sacks against the way. It was a rough adding. Ooh, now mind you the next week. He went against down at the Arden how many sex did he give up J O gave up the value of the jail game. Exactly, exactly. I remember that goes on Monday night football. Said a lot better. If you ask the Miami Dolphins fan, that'd be like ways. But guess what? If I would've won a Super Bowl after I left Miami. I'm nothing to tweet the dolphins and say look at the dolphins. That's just bought me back because I remember that game. Yeah. Game retired jail. This again, dad. It's been moving. I was like why did not slide to the way? They did helped me Matt either you on spec to help Joe out. Help me help me help me. Help me help you which on the winners. Gangqi? Yes. Can you give me a little guard hill this guy I battle fame gate that game? And I'm a rookie eh game. Right. They're retired. I remember that their game. Right. It was like what's it was a few more years before j o? Oh, two or three. Oh, three. So that was not wasn't even a game. I'm thinking about seems to always give that means. He's always you jail because he gave O six throw DWI free. Here's the crazy part that was free. Yes. That was the second league free. Listen, he was a beast. Another one we had to say a major project manager Gary with Sharma Goblets, a dead, man. Listen, Michael Brown hair Brown wanted to better left tackle in league right now. Every time we had to see why free me he was like man, I got to see this guy. Why freely will be out the league for six or seven weeks and come back the week before he got to play us? And then we had to see him get the wife Rany played how many fourteen fifteen years he plays. He was on the team last year. Yeah, I'm gonna tell you. I'm gonna tell you who used to for the two games, and I feel bad for these kids. The one game you play D free. Is big Spence expenses giving de free to straight business. Charles Charles Manson. Oh, yeah. From here. Yeah. Experience you'll be like a dancing bear. I heard he was the truth. He just got hurt. But he win that game. In in that game. I never get it, man. He d free jazz. Give them a spin. He says inside clampdowns on my he got that clap their old school. We'll talk. Yeah. He eight Reggie like where you going where where are you going there? We're going to be going to get together and road running back those need we got that layoffs stretch, man. I feel I'm like, dude. No rookie. And we started with murdering people out there, man. Yeah. I heard Charles Manson was the truth with questions about troop draft class in history of of the the Houston, Texas. People forget about Charleston is good. Good. I digress. Could we get off on the go ahead on more fight club? So in the back to Jeremy hill since the tween people you won the Super Bowl you have a ring coming there. You have a trophy be happy with that to keeping moving, man. Stop looking back. Don't oh, you nothing. Man. You're a patriot. Now enjoyed it. Not a lot is is literally powder thousand people just walk into earth. This ever got to believe Subaru. You're one of you didn't have to play to get it. You have to play. I'll yet. Just. Just be quiet. He's be team. He's owned the team now because he will get a ring now. Josh Gordon going to get a range. Team USA, Josh Gordon's tweet. Oh. Tom brady. No. I didn't see it. You would he say when he saying Brady ring Brady a picture of them to embrace it. Yeah. I got that ring for just like, I told you I would. He's only on a team for two weeks. It doesn't matter goes on for like seven. We. Any? Team. Yard. Yes. Like don't. Don't get twisted. Don't let them come back. Josh, gordon. Josh Gorman at home, he does on vacation. I hope he comes back home sober for two and a half years. It comes back and destroys people. Well, that's why didn't get him. You gotta you're gonna come back for it ready to go. I I really got one big fans. I I hope I can't I hope Josh Gordon get it together. And I just said I hope if it's just we. I think we need to make exemptions for some guys who really got problems man like that keeps them call man. You know, the crazy part about it is I would say no more than five years from now is going to be legal marijuana. Here's a guy. So he's going through all these treatments and things and he's having to be away from the programs and all that money losing money. Losing opportunities stuff. It's gonna be legalized in probably five years in the league is going to be legalized around the country. I already isn't a lot of places, but it's gonna be where he plays. Yeah. It's legal in Massachusetts. My question is do all those guys who've mistime time him Ricky Williams Ray, sue the league later on for lost money. I mean, you could sue people for having us as a parent. You can still people for anything. Now. How much leverage do they have? Can they legitimately win a case? I would say, no, yeah. I'd say awesome. Like, that's not gonna work. The only person who I think has a lawsuit. They can win. It's Tony Romo. I think he can sue the gal. Where the here a big. They said he couldn't do it. All of a sudden. Yeah. Are doing stuff in Vegas. Yeah. It was a cherry fantasy football. And he goes, I got the Palazzo. Yeah. Well, Agasi stadium, and then they cancelled it. And then now the NFL's me signing deals with casinos, and there's only like three years ago. Yeah. And that's because they couldn't get money out of exactly. So coming up next on the Ojos, not time leave yet on the next fight club. We.

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