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Set up emergency food and water distribution for those who need it. Perishable food about to spoil thawing inside cafeteria freezers without power. At Aberdeen elementary, Derek marks removed box after box. And trucked them to freezers with power, just in time. Another day or so time another day would go bad. They saved enough food to feed the school's 700 kids for two weeks. That was CBS News correspondent Mark strassmann. Duke Energy says it is ahead of schedule making the repairs and could restore power by late today. CBS News is also confirming the insists the existence of a bulletin issued from local and federal law enforcement in Oregon, warning of attacks to power grids following recent incidents in Oregon and Washington state, impart the memories quote power companies in Oregon and Washington have reported physical attacks on substations using hand tools, arson, firearms, and metal chains, possibly in response to an online call for attacks on critical infrastructure. The story was first reported by news nation. It's two 42, as the investigation in North Carolina continues, power companies around here are keeping a close eye on things. Dominion Energy Pepco and BGE all as you'd expect say they're aware of what's going on in North Carolina and statements WTO P all say they're constantly talking to law enforcement at all levels, intelligence agencies and many others. None of the companies spoke about beefing up security specifically in response to the outages south of here, Pepco and BGE, though, which are both part of excellence, says they're always running regular drills to repair for all kinds of threats, and I'll be ready to respond quickly if needed. Mike moreo WTO news. Coming up on WTF what comes around goes around WTF national security correspondent JJ green with the latest on the war in Ukraine. It is two

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