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Jersey a network administrator for the burn its township board of education is under arrest and charged with possession of child pornography 55yearold brian nielsen of what bridge has been employed by the board of at for more than ten years he was arrested after prosecutors executed a search warrant yesterday at his home he is being held in jail and until his next court appearance a cliffside park man will undergo a psychiatric evaluation triggering a six hour police standoff this all started just after ten eight o'clock last night cop say he was throwing coffee mugs from the roof of a house at a restaurant customers on palisade avenue the man described as the mostly disturbed then barrick himself inside the home it's unclear whether he had a weapon by heavily armed police swat team showed up along with the bomb squad at its headquarters in jersey city goya food is helping victims of hurricane maria in puerto rico by gathering supplies company president robert hue nanya want to work with the government and send three hundred thousand pounds of water food and other i boy if we can get products in helicopters landed areas that are inaccessible by road the company has a large presence in puerto rico land lost about twenty five million dollars worth of product and building damaging the storm goya by the way is the largest hispanic own food company in the united states will jews all over the world will observe yom kippur the holiest day on the jewish calendar begin at sundown tonight all yogi poor is the 25 hour period marked by fasting praying and synagogue services in which jews ask god for forgiveness at will in there and before god for many many ali was on the other hand sure it today in which we will crooked in our relationship with god we'll be restored rabbi thiam poupko of congregation a hover tore in englewood new jersey he says jews must first make amends with anyone they've wronged before getting straight with god sara lee kessler nbc news radio on wall street at this hour the dow jones industrial average is down twenty two points at twenty thousand 360 wctc news time eleven three nbc news radio i'm sharon reed with millions of people in puerto rico still without power.

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