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Course we will update you as the new numbers become available Houston leaders debunking audio and video messages circulating on social media claiming the city is going to be locked down due to corona virus police chief art Acevedo asking people to ignore and block any such messages coming in from suspicious sources please listen to the mayor the governor of the judge get your information from the people that you pay that you hire that you trust to lead us through these times there's a Mister Turner says there are no plans to add any more restrictions other than those already in place across the city county and the state of Texas alley theatre closing for the rest of the twenty nineteen to twenty twenty season due to the corona virus temporarily laying off seventy five percent of its staff with remaining staff to take a pay cut the officials say they hope to come back fully staffed with a full season of productions in the fall the alley also mounting a six and a half million dollar emergency funding campaign to help with its lost revenue and ongoing operating costs well Dallas county has issued a shelter in place starting Monday Dallas County judge clay Jenkins says the I. action had to be taken to slow the spread of covert nineteen there you don't want to be in the situation where you're trying to explain the mothers whether children can't get life saving treatments whether grandmother can't get life saving treatments so let's all work together and together we can flatten the curve the order will prohibit residents from leaving their route there are homes unless for an essential activity such as getting groceries are going to the doctor's office the order will start Monday night at midnight since tomorrow no I don't not an hour from now but tomorrow it'll continue through April third Houston's largest church stepping up.

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