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We're trying to say with a CDC guidance is there is a way for us to work together to have social distance C. and safety for people ninety six thousand Americans known dead from covert nineteen now CBS news update on the market anyone ever tell you to take a hike if they do this weekend you might be in good company the nation's top infectious disease control expert planning to hit some trails this Memorial Day weekend attendees adding something important too is hiking gear I plan to go out for nice walks and hikes over Memorial Day and I'm gonna do it with care with the mascot Dr Anthony Fauci also expressing cautious optimism yesterday about the initial results from a coronavirus vaccine trial and said it remains conceivable that a vaccine for covert nineteen could be available by the end of the year coping with the pandemic has led three moms to create a children's book with their kids asking lots of questions about coronavirus little rock Arkansas epidemiologist Dr Christina Bhadra thought other parents might need some help exploiting cope with the eighteen to their children we try to break it down and keep it at that said certainly language and then breaking it down into simple facts for them founder opted to other moms have done that through kid friendly coronavirus book called Mira does her part Jim chrysalis CBS news former vice president Joe Biden apologizing for remarks made in an interview that aired yesterday on a show called the breakfast club Biden said that any African American voter not supporting him for president wasn't really black his response from Republican at center Tim Scott of South Carolina what I don't hear from the Democrat leadership today our people speaking out against vice president Biden's comments I hear crickets side and later in the day saying he should not have been so cavalier in his comments and that his point was he wanted to put his record against president trump's big cold it nineteen pandemic literally giving people nightmares with the common theme and that theme is rather creepy comic Stephen Colbert joked I dream that I had to do my show but I had to do it someplace where no one could find me but dreams are no joke to Harvard psychologist Deirdre Barrett who has collected more than six thousand pandemic ones for analysis the single take away right now the survey is that the world stranger more anxious she's hearing lots of dreams involving bugs crawling wiggling and flying toward the dreamer I heartmate because we use the word bug and slang I've got a bug means I've got a virus still she thinks most of us are coping okay with the current crisis people are having for the most part very healthy normal reactions Steve Futterman CBS news the space X. cruise set for a Wednesday launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida at a briefing at NASA and SpaceX administrators talking about preparations for the launch Benji Reid is the space X. director of crew mission management says the team is watching closely over the conditions from the launch site in Florida right up to the north Atlantic right you're looking at waves were looking at wave velocity and wave height because we need to make sure that if the crew had to come down I'm in a lunch escape scenario that they would come down to see state that would keep them safe NASA and SpaceX officials also asking the public to stay home because of the corona virus pandemic usually crowds would gather on beaches and surrounding areas to watch the launch what is today well today is world turtle day CBS is Wendy Gillette says the corona virus pandemic has altered everything and even stopping the study of baby turtles you can hear the delight of the crowd watched a baby sea turtle crawl into the ocean off of bald head island in North Carolina last year this year total nest excavations will be a less public affair thanks to the coronavirus social distancing will keep the human participants.

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