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Anyway, there's so many in the comedy world and then so many in the dramatic world and so many incredible films that aren't giving exposure thousand. I thought someone's got to do a silent movie channel and and have them going 24/7 and I think the UCLA film archives has a great Library down. There are so many private collectors and museums and such that have collections that that channel should be extant. There's such richness. A lot of them have been restored and properly soundtracks, you know with musical scores Etc, right? So that that one's time is way over to that would be enough for sure for sure. So it's I think that's an error log. Be preserved and the channels called. Yeah, I like that. I love that very creative for a Pastime for a class. Someone's going to do it. I hope you give me credit. I hope they give you credit to I certainly will give you credit. I'll be a consultant with it. Yeah. All right question number two again scenario base. The amount of dad come to you with their five year old who has an uncanny natural skill for acting and Performing the five-year-old reminds you of yourself at that age. What advice do you give the parents? Oh, I I slapped them. I said don't let them do it. No. I explained to the parents that. That it's A Hard Road if the kid wants to do it. Get them just like I would get myself the advice get the training work still hard on your Scholastic studies dog focused just on one thing but focus on Everything music right movement the keep them humble. Keep grounded very good. As soon as he or she gets out of or then get out of line, you know, pull it back and and let them know that they have to earn the reward choice of continuing. I want to go back to Anissa Jones, you know, when I met her at eleven she was being still courted by the show business. I remember her coming to me and telling me that they wanted her for Reagan in The Exorcist and she just I said my God you should do that. You know, that's that's huge. She goes I want out. She didn't want any more of birth. Business a lot of young child actors were either taking advantage of work to death. They felt that they lost out on their childhood. Sure sure and I think I might have been one of the reasons my parents wouldn't let me get into it as well as a child. And also I wasn't the best student and and you you know, the the kids that make it usually are very bright and very studious. You know, you're about Jodie Foster and her incredible studies, you know, she's got her PhD and Masters or PhD, I think at Harvard Helen Hunt was always so focused when I was in class with her, they just there's certain type that are in it to do great work and will rise above all the walk hurdles and and they have and you have to have a team you really have to have a team to do it. Right? Anyway, I'd give plenty of plenty of advice if you have a kid that wants to go into it off. P I'll give you some Sound Advice there's a lot more to give all right. That sounds great Jeffrey awesome good advice.

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