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See? Oh, disappoint. You will have to go back with you on that as well. Senator Mike Brown from Indiana. Says. You know, one of the problems here is The Democrats really, just they've used it as a campaign tool. But in the end, they're just not all that interested in finding out about Cove. It Why you wouldn't want to get to something that is displaced. So much of the economy caused so much grief when you're so happy to do investigations on other things. Is besides, I mean, it doesn't make sense. It makes no sense whatsoever. And Brown is an interesting view of this. He says. What's gonna happen now? And we heard it from Jen Psaki. Just a moment ago is he calls it the D c two step When you had any question, you recall its seditious It's the D C two step. What's interesting now it looks like information is cascading Fourth. It's going to make them do that to step out here and cover their tracks. And now all of a sudden be interested. More in the issue. You know they'll be interested, but they'll take the Jen Psaki line. And they say, you know, we're really we're really interested, and we trust That the W H O will do is super swell job in investigating. And if you believe that Again. I do still have a real live legitimate deed for the Bay Bridge. I could sell it to you. You know, for the right price. I can sell it to you. And you would then be able to collect tolls on the Bay Bridge because you would own it. Both are equally true. By the way, wh o will do a real investigation and that you will own the Bay Bridge. Both are equally true. Take it for what it is. Which wife retire financially confident knowing you have a plan in place guaranteed to work. Even if we suffer another financial crisis. I gotta head back in 20 Wait, How about getting the most of the market games? Was none of the losses or better interest rates than you're getting on your CDs guaranteed..

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