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Whether that is trading up in the draft for a quarterback or whether that is overpaying someone in free agency. You are so confident that this is the one guy that other teams then take advantage of you. And you generally don't want to be that team. But the third and final thing is that bad spending decisions don't magically correct themselves while yes, the cap is largely an allusion handing out bad contracts can still impact your ability to put together a winning roster. When you look at the Malcolm Smith deal specifically. Yes, he's now restructured it, it's basically a one year deal. But he's still got two years of effectively top end the top and money for a linebacker that we didn't need to pay. If everyone else if the Niners knew what everyone else knew, which it wasn't very good. Right. And when you look at good teams, they get value from their signings. And this is why rookie deals was so valuable, but this is alternately why getting production beyond the players contract is super important. Kevin Clarke had a great story on his podcasts on the ringer. Earlier this week, and he was talking to a personnel man in the NFL, and he said that you effectively have the salary cap and the salary cap is one hundred and eighty five hundred million dollars. Whatever the hell sat right jumps up ten million dollars a year. But you affected we want to sign players that make it seem like your team is playing at a two hundred and fifty million dollar cap. And you do that when players outperform the salaries, you give them, and so if you give out a bunch of twenty thirty forty million dollar deals, the likelihood of a player outperforming that slim to none, right? It's just it's it's tough when you're paying players what they're worth, right? And it sounds crappy. But that's kind of like from a team perspective and looking at through that lens, right? You're trying to build the best possible team that you can build within those restrictions. You need to get access value from players, especially I think when you have your quarterback. I mean there I think you look at Jimmy garoppolo's contract right now going forward for the rest of is probably the best example of the foreigners have currently of going. They're hopefully going to get access value from that deal. Right. He's going to have cap hits that put him at best in the middle of the pack among quarterbacks salaries every year, and he's a player that we expect to perform much higher than that. And that is where you really get that value because then you're getting a player. That's that's giving you more than you're giving him, and you can then devote those resources that excess that you get to other players to be able to sign them in the more often you can do that the better off you're going to be. So those are the Prior's those are the things that we think are important when it comes to roster building. These are the things that good teams do by and large in order to win in football. So now, let's take a look at the contracts and the and the decisions the team has made over the last couple of days and put them through this lens and figure out whether or not they are good deals is what you can understand. Why the hell we've been ranting and raving for the last two days, and I let's get to the first contract that we handed out we'll the wrath of Kwan. I love dude. I love it. I've already I've got to the title of the podcast is going to be pretty dope as well. It's going to be probably quantity million. I mean, the pun game is strong. That's maybe the best part of this signing quantity million is up there. Quantified their love..

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