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That will you so good David really excited to talk to you I. Think this'll be one of the juicier interviews we do. took. A lot of interesting people. So if you're saying that I would take that complements and run with it I. Mean I don't think we ever talked to somebody where we have like a deep curiosity and the topic per se I mean obviously sometimes but we really WANNA know about a couple of things you know a ton about we're just really excited about that. Oh goods and hello hello. Hi I popped in sorry hi. Mrs Bras. Dax I knew you're an expert on conspiracy theories but I did not know until I started researching new that you directed tickled, which we've talked about a Brazilian Times Love Day. which was a real blast by the way because that was this tiny thing that we made in New Zealand, and so it was very surreal to hear being talked about just a out city out of our country. So that was cool. It was so good I got to say it's one of these. It was on HBO here originally I think now lives on Hulu so people should check it out..

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